Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Family Reunion '06

Home Sweet Home
(at the reunion anyways)

We got back from our summer vacation last week(July 4th weekend) and we had a great time! We first drove to Sacramento Mountain Retreat in New Mexico for the Boyd Family Reunion(my mom's side). We were there for 3 days and the girls had a lot of fun exploring and playing with their cousins. We loved being in the mountains. It was wonderful to feel the breeze and the cool evening air. With the temperature today in Dallas being a high of 106, it was a nice change! There were so many people at the reunion this year and we were happy to be apart of it. Click on the Adams Family link at the upper right of the blog for more pictures I posted from the reunion.
Water Gun Wars

Ella and her "Lol-pop"

Aubrey and her cousins, Preston and Jerald

Me and the girls on our hike

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Patty said...

Look at how much taller Preston is than Aubrey. You would never know they were the same age.