Sunday, December 17, 2006


Aubrey was a little indian at her preschool. They shucked their own corn, made their own mini-pies, had a huge Thanksgiving feast and even made a ginormous teepee.

For Thanksgiving this year, we drove down to Corpus Christi to visit both families. We had a great visit and lots of great food! We have so much to be grateful for-especially our family and the blessings of the gospel. The picture above is of the girls and their cousins, Kaikoa and Don together in Corpus.

Thanksgiving Dinner at Nana & Tata's

A shortlived picnic with the Smiths. It was a beautiful day, so we thought we'd picnic at the park. However, tons of bees decided they wanted to join us. Within minutes we were outta there! So, we ended up having a lovely picnic..... in my parents dining room.

Ella, Aubrey and Grandma in their new Sunday dresses

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Those pesky bees!