Saturday, April 28, 2007

Congrats jOeY!

Joey found out this week that he won the Tops in Ops award from T-Mobile. It is an award that recognizes the top engineers in the company and it is a huge honor. Only a select few are chosen, so Joey was excited to receive this recognition. The award also comes with a trip that will be next year(to where, hasn't been announced yet) but we are really excited! The day he found out, the girls and I made him a cake and the girls decorated the walls with pictures. We had our own little congratulatory celebration...
Aubrey made this banner

Ella's pictures 1. a tree and a lollipop flower 2. daddy and mommy 3. a rainbow


Unknown said...

Yay, Joey! That's awesome!

Bryan Brown said...

Congratulations Joey! That's awesome.