Sunday, April 22, 2007

Finally, nice weather!

April has been a strange month, weather-wise. It actually snowed not too far from here at the beginning of the month! Crazy. There were also tornados and hail in the Dallas area just last week. Thankfully, the weather has changed. It has been perfect this past week, so the girls have been enjoying playing outside. The weather couldn't be better!
I love this picture of Aubrey

Ella and her hula hoop

They had a blast playing tag in the front yard with their neighbor friends yesterday

Run Ella run!

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Unknown said...

cute kids! they look so pretty. i will second your comments about the weather - it's been crazy in austin, too. rain and much cooler than usual. i remember last april it was like 100 degrees for a week straight. so i'll take this weirdness, i guess. :)