Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easters! (If you've seen Nacho Libre, you get it.)

Here are the girls in their beautiful Easter dresses. Right now, Aubrey and Ella are at church with their daddy while Cali and I are hanging out here. Not quite ready to take her to church or have her around a lot of people yet. She is asleep(yea!), so I thought I'd post all of our Easter pics from this weekend while I had a minute. We've had a really nice Easter, even though we are sad its our first Easter without our extended family. We miss everyone, but hope you guys are having a great Easter day. Take care...
Grandma bought Aubrey and Ella these beautiful Easter dresses. Aunt Cindy bought them the adorable purses. They're going to church in style today. Nana and Tata sent this precious dress for Cali. Aren't grandparents and aunts great? They fully clothed our girls for Easter this year=) Thanks!Look what the Easter bunny brought!
Bundled up to go egg hunting-its freezing cold today!!
Cali's first Easter


-Melissa- said...

Happy Easter Duenas Family! The girls looks so cute in their Easter dresses. It looks like Aubrey and Ella had a fun time decorating eggs and looking for them.

Unknown said...

They look so pretty and grown up!