Monday, April 16, 2007

Nana & Tata visit

This past week Joey's parents, "Nana and Tata" to the girls, visited. It was nice to have company and extra sets of helping hands. They had just gotten back from a trip to Guam, which is where they are from. Below is a picture of the girls in island dresses they brought back for them. They love them! They had so much fun dancing around the house to island music that evening.
Our Chamorritas!
("little girls" in Chamorro- the language of Guam)

Nana meeting Cali for the first time

Tata having a picnic with his girls

Tata & Cali saying goodbye =(


Unknown said...

LOVE love love the dresses. They look so adorable.

-Melissa- said...

The girls looks so cute in their new dresses! It looks like you guys had a fun time with Joey's parents.