Sunday, May 13, 2007

Arlington visit

Yesterday we went to my aunt Cindy's house in Arlington. My grandparents were visiting and my sister, Tara(who also lives in Arlington), came over too. It was the first time my grandparents had seen Cali. We had a good time and enjoyed some yummy bbq! Its so nice to have my sister and aunt nearby, now if we can just get my parents up here...

Great Grandma Adams and Cali
After we ate at Cindy's, we went to my sister, Tara's, new apartment. She gave us a tour and also showed us Dexter, her new baby bird. A little background: my sister is known as the animal lover/rescuer in our family. This baby dove had fallen out of its nest and Tara has since adopted it as her own. It is a cute little guy that actually flies to her when she calls it. The girls were fascinated by it.

Ella pets "Dexi" as Aubrey cautiously looks on

Crazy bird lady

Tara is hilarious and is one of two people in the world that make me laugh the hardest. Sorry I posted this picture Tara, but how could I not? :)

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