Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hooray for Home Depot Day!

The first Saturday of each month, The Home Depot holds a Kid's Workshop where children and their parents can come and build something really awesome! The girls have been going with Joey and absolutely love it! In the past they have built a firetruck, a picture frame, a butterfly house and even a race car. I think the girls favorite part is hammering, which concerns me-I'm a mom after all! Joey assures me he is supervising:) When they come home, they are always beaming and SO excited to show me what they made with their Daddy. For anyone else interested, EVERY Home Depot in the U.S. does this from 9am-12pm the first Saturday of every month. Go check it out with your kids if you haven't!

Yesterday's project-flower planters We did it!


-Melissa- said...

What a fun activity Aubrey and Ella can do with their daddy! I will have to tell Jared about the Home Depot workshops for kids.

Unknown said...

hey holly

the girls are getting so big. Cali looks just like the others. Can't wait to see yal soon.

Unknown said...

how cool! that's great to know...i'll have to send maya with chris next time. i'm writing it on my calendar right now! thanks.