Monday, June 18, 2007

Another big step for Aubrey-swim lessons

Anyone that knows Aubrey knows that she has had a huge fear of water basically since she was a baby. So, going to swim lessons was a big deal to her. She was so nervous about it, but thankfully, she just completed it and she is now a little swimmer! It was neat to sit and watch her as she overcame fears and learned new things. It was also tough at times to watch because I knew how scared she was at times. I knew she had to do it though and we both made it through:) Thats one of the best things about parenthood, watching your child learn something new. The look on their face as they finally figure something out or overcome a fear is the best. Last year, we could barely get her to put her face in the water and as you can see from the pictures, she is now swimming! All it took was for her to overcome this fear and now she wants to swim everyday!

Thats her!

We're so proud of you Aubrey!


Anonymous said...

Tell Aubrey I am so proud of her. Even I can't swim like that. A doggie paddle is about the best I can do without getting water up my nose. :)

Jan said...

Yay for Aubrey! I'm so proud of her and of you for getting her through it. Wonderful!

-Melissa- said...

Can't wait to see Aubrey swim at the pool tomorrow. She can show us all her new things she learned. Love the picture of Cali wearing sunglasses. What a cutie!!

Unknown said...

yay, that's awesome. good for her!