Monday, June 04, 2007

Time at Nana & Tata's

The girls had a great time visiting their Nana & Tata. We took several pictures of the girls with their cousins, Don & Kaikoa, in their beautiful backyard. They love the fish pond and spent hours beside it.

Here are the fish running for their lives. We had to stop the kids from"fishing"a couple of times.

Aubrey and her peeps
You can't go to Joey's parents house without tasting Joe's BBQ-it is the best you have ever tasted!! Chamorro food is delicious! I crave it daily:)

This deck and swing were put in when Joey and I were dating. Its neat to see how much the bougainvillea have grown every time we visit. It is beautiful. Oh yeah, and check out Ella's face in this picture. She loves to be silly.

Ella loves KaiKoa

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-Melissa- said...

It looks like Ella and Aubrey had a fun time at their grandparents house. What a fun backyard yard they have!