Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cali's Blessing

We have been in Corpus Christi for the past week in case anyone has noticed I haven't blogged this week-all two of you out there:) We drove down on the 26th and got home early this afternoon. It was a fun and memorable trip. We took a gazillion pictures as you will see. And the ones I post aren't even a fraction of what we took!
On Sunday, the 27th, Cali was blessed by her Daddy. It was a very special day. Too bad she decided to cry during the entire blessing:) Poor Joey! Stressful for him at the time, but something we are laughing about now. It was a very sweet blessing and it was neat to see him bless our third precious daughter.

Getting ready before church

Family that stood in the circle L to R: my great uncle Francis, my uncle Jerry, Joey's dad, and my brother Mark. Bishop Osborne was also in the circle.

Our first family picture(with the 3 girls)

Us with Joey's parents, his Aunt Angie, cousin Brandon and his sister Nikki's family

Us with my 3 brothers Mark, Austin, and Taylor, my sister Tara, and my mom

Daddy's girls

Afterward we took a couple of pictures with her in her bonnet. She didn't last too long...

Get me out of this!

This picture was seriously taken one minute later. It looks like she's saying,"Yea! I'm free!"


Anonymous said...

how fun! i have been missing your updates. your kids are so cute. glad you had a fun trip.

hoLLy said...

thanks-who wrote this?

-Melissa- said...

Cali looks so cute in her blessing dress. I am glad you guys had a fun time trip and got to spend some time with family. Can't wait to see more pictures from your trip!!

Erica said...

Cali looks so beautiful. What a fun trip! I am so jealous that you can be surrounded by family in a just a few (long) hours drive!!

Cindy said...

Who's anonymous????

Cute pictures, I'm sorry that I wasn't there. It looks like you guys had a great time!