Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Houston trip

This past Saturday we went to the Houston Temple to be there for my uncle's family sealing. It was a very special day for them and we feel blessed we were able to be there.

We didn't have anyone to watch Cali for us, so during the sealing Joey did a photo shoot of the girls while walking around the temple grounds with Cali in the Bjorn. What a great daddy! I really appreciate him doing that so I could be there at the sealing.

Ella, of course, has to make a silly face in just about every picture:)

Look! A squirrel!
Cali was so good on our trip, but the five minutes before we got to the hotel she started to lose it. However, once we got into the hotel and laid her on her tummy, she was so happy to stretch! You can tell she has tired eyes in this picture, but she was still smiling.
Our 3 girls enjoying some relaxation at the hotel

On the way home(it was like 6am and the girls are in their pjs), we just HAD to stop at this ginormous statue of Sam Houston. Aubrey insisted we stop. It is right off the freeway on the 45 and it is so crazy huge. We look like ants next to it.There was also this statue of Sam Houstons head on the ground-I think to show you how big it is. Well, here is Aubrey pickin his nose. This picture was actually my idea, not the kids. Childish, yes, but thats just me:) Aubrey got a kick out of it, but Ella did not approve.


Jan said...

Your family is so beatufiul!! What fun pictures and how great that you could be there for that sealing.

Erica said...

And the fact that you told Aubrey to pick Sam's nose is why you are such an awesome girl! I love that. What a great trip!!

-Melissa- said...

That is so sweet of Joey to watch the girls so you could go to the sealing. The picture of Aubrey picking Sam's made me laugh. Thanks for a good laugh today!!

Kim said...

Fun trip! Too bad we aren't still in Houston. Still no word from Oklahoma, but Rand has a phone interview with a school in Vermont tomorrow. I just get more confused as the days go on.

hoLLy said...

Vermont, Oklahoma, Florida, North Dakota-you guys could end up anywhere! Hopefully Oklahoma, since its the closest to us! :)

Unknown said...

we've never been to houston, but after seeing how pretty the temple is and the freakin' huge statue...it's going on the list. fun, fun!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I must say that I love the Sam Houston picture. Ella doesn't look so happy about it. Cali is getting much bigger; all the girls are just so beautiful.