Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Johnny Lloyd Rollins

A friend in our ward at church is an awesome musician. We swear he will be super famous soon! He's already getting big in the UK. He is actually the kids primary chorister in church. He does a great job! All the kids love Brother Rollins: primary chorister by day/superstar by night:)

Anyways, his website is:
He gave Joey his demo CD last week and we listened to every song. ALL of them rock-and thats something you usually can't say about a CD. My favorite songs are Lets Be Poor Together, Target for Tonight and Miss Sugar Pie. Check out the website and listen to his music-he is amazingly talented!


Rick said...

Sounds very much like Paul MaCartney, even the music has the same harmonies that I like in McCartney's songs. I like him.

Unknown said...

can't wait to check him out - thanks for the scoop.