Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ella likes the layered look

The other day Ella and Aubrey were playing dressup and Ella decided she wanted to go for the "layered" look. The layers were as follows: a black leotard, a pink leotard, a white shirt, a purple fairy costume and a wedding gown. I couldn't believe she was able to put all of that on. I thought it looked so funny that I got out my camera. As you can see by the little ball on the floor she became, she was camera shy at first. She finally warmed up and by the last picture she's smiling. I had to capture her new style on camera! I think she'll thank me later....well, maybe.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

What happens when your kids are up late at night and you've just fed them cake

This evening, I looked into the kitchen to see Aubrey dragging Ella across the floor on a blanket. They were laughing so hard and having a good ole time. I wonder sometimes why we even have toys. They usually like to play with other things more: boxes, blankets, weapons- you know the usual. :)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Deep Thought for the day

If you ever go temporarily insane, don't shoot someone like most people do. Instead, try to get some weeding done. You'd be really surprised.

Jack Handey

Everybody loves Legos

With all of the rainy weather and sicknesses, this past month has been filled with a lot of indoor activities. One of which was Lego Night. Yes, this is how we spent one Friday night. I was hanging out with Cali while the others went to work. They were building like crazy! They made some pretty cool stuff. I was very impressed...
L to R: Aubrey's house, Aubrey's car and toothbrush, Joey's camera, and Ella's castle

Friday, July 27, 2007

Ella's turn to swim....

Ella started her swimming lessons this week and is really enjoying it. Too bad she got sick this week and has already missed two days:( And they don't have makeups-MAN! Oh well. She did get to go the other two days though and she is doing really great. She almost put her face in the other day. The tip of her nose touched the water, so thats progress! She also enjoys getting to be with her little friend, neighbor, fellow Sunbeam, and maybe future husband, Dax. (What do you think Melissa, lets hook them up?) :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cali is 4 months old!

Today is Cali's 4 month old birthday! Yea! She is seriously an angel baby. She takes great naps, sleeps through the night, and just has such a happy little spirit. She is very laid back and content. She is so fun! Its exciting to watch her learn and grow. She is starting to grab for things, use her feet to kick, play with toys, laugh more, and is also starting this funny singing/screeching thing she does when she is really happy. Here are some adorable pictures taken this past week...isn't she a cutie?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to my old man


Hope you have a great birthday! I also hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did creating it...hee hee hee.

Love you,


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Poor Ella Bean

Today Joey took off work because we figured we would take the day to celebrate "no more school!" We had planned to go do something fun together as a family. Well, that didn't really happen....poor little Ella woke up this morning around 5 am burning hot, heart pounding, and coughing. She had almost a 103 fever and has been miserable all day. Joey still stayed home and helped me with the kids(he's so sweet!). Its always hard when the kids are sick. We still made the day fun and celebrated(well, Joey and I). In the morning, Joey went and played some golf which was a treat for him. He hasn't done that in awhile. Then in the afternoon, I was able to go to the salon for some pampering. So, we didn't exactly celebrate as a family, we just took turns having our own separate fun time. When Ella is better, we'll take them somewhere fun too. We really aren't horrible parents! :) Poor Ella isn't feeling too good still. She actually said earlier today, "My brain hurts Mommy." Interpretation: headache. Its so hard to see your little ones feeling so sick. Our poor little Ella Bean. This is our fun little nickname for her. Here is the thought process: Ella, elly, jelly, jelly bean= Ella Bean. She smiles every time we call her that. Hopefully she gets better soon, so we can see her little smile again.

Check out the do

Ok, so I got my hair cut today. Joey took this picture of me earlier. What do you think? It was just a couple of inches, but it feels good every time you get a cut. The mystery: Why is it that later you can never make your hair look as good at home as it did when you had it done at the salon? I never can anyways. I'll wash it and try to style it myself and it will probably look like crud. Thats life I guess.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Ode To Joey

WARNING: This is long!! I have some bragging to do on my sexy man:)

When I met Joey 8 years ago, he was just starting his schooling at the community college in Corpus Christi. We got to know each other through the young adult Institute program at church. After the first conversation I had with him, I knew he was the one for me. I knew it immediately! He has a very special spirit. Anyone that has ever met him, knows this. He is the sweetest most likeable person I have ever met. I feel so blessed that he chose me to spend eternity with. Okay, enough with the mushy stuff:) We fell in love so fast-it was so fun! We were married after one year of dating, despite the fact that neither one of us were finished with school. We had barely even started. It was a huge leap of faith, but something we prayed about and knew was the right thing to do.

We had originally planned to wait a couple of years to have children so we could finish school, but felt really strongly just three months after our marriage that we were supposed to start our family. It certainly didn't seem like the logical thing to do. It hadn't been our original plan, but sometimes the Lord has a different plan for you than what you had originally thought. I remember thinking: How are we going to do this? How will Joey handle all of this? Will he ever finish school? How am I going to be a stay at home mom? But something kept telling me, it would all work out.

We were in an apartment and Joey worked in the warehouse for a cellular company. He still wasn't sure what he wanted to do career-wise. He is a talented photographer so we had talked about going to New York for him to attend RIT. However, that choice didn't feel like the right thing for us and our family. I have no doubt he would've been successful in that field. But as he continued to work in the warehouse, he became associated with the engineering manager for the cellular company he was working for, which was at the time, SOL communications. This company was later bought by Voicestream which is now T-Mobile.(T-Mobile rocks! If you use Verizon, I don't like you! :) Anyways, this friend, Brian McCann, saw Joey as what he is: a smart, hard-working and honest person that would be a huge asset to the engineering department. He is the one that helped Joey enter the engineering department for SOL without the degree that most people in the field have. This was nothing short of a miracle to us. The neat part about this is that we actually received the phonecall for his new job within SOL in the hospital the day Aubrey was born! That was, to us, a sign that we had made the right choice in our marriage to start our family so soon. We knew we were being taken care of. We purchased our first home andI was also able to be a stay-at-home-mom which is something that was really important to me.

During all of this, Joey was still going to school. He knew an education was important, even though it seemed impossible at times to finish. Since entering the engineeering department, he has quickly moved his way up(without a bachelors degree) but has continued working on his schooling this whole time. It would've been easy to say, oh, I've got a good job, I don' t need to finish school. But he didn't, he knew that having a degree was important. You never know what the future holds. He has juggled a demanding full time job, a family, two moves, switching schools which resulted in loss of credits, many demanding callings in the church(one of which was Young Men's President), even stake callings, and school for the past 7 years of our marriage. It has been a struggle to say the least. He has endured 7 years of going to work, coming home, eating dinner, spending as much time as he can with us and then doing homework until the late hours of the night. I honestly don't see how he did it and how he didn't give up. One thing I can say is that he has always put his family first. Not once did he ever turn away one of children that came into his office while he was studying, to show him something they've just colored. He never once told the children to be quiet while he was working, even on nights when I'm sure it may have made it hard to study with them chasing each other around the house and laughing so loud. I've even seen him holding one of the children on his lap while he was on the computer or rocking a baby to sleep. He's even let them "help" him with his homework:) He is the perfect daddy. And of course, the perfect husband...

All I can say is that I am married to an extraordinary man. Today is the end of this 7 year struggle. It is his last day of school! He will finally have his Bachelor's degree. He said the other day, "Its just a Bachelor's. Almost everyone already has a Bachelor's. Its not a big deal to most people. " But this is what I want to say to you Joey- This is a huge deal! Who cares what anyone else thinks? The amount of work that you have put into this has been extraordinary. This is not just a normal Bachelor's degree-you have been working and going to school with 3 kids! I have seen you working til 1am in the morning on school work, waking up at 6am to go to work and driving away and waving from your car to your two little daughters that are waving from the bedroom window. We have been so blessed with our precious children, your wonderful job and our beautiful home. Now you will finally have your degree!

I can't believe this day has finally come! I am so proud of you and that you perservered when times were tough. Today is seriously one of the best days of our married life. We will have so much more time together now. This heavy burden will finally be lifted off of your shoulders. Thank you for doing this. I know you did it because you love us. I know you did it for the security of our family. I love you.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

One year!

One year ago today, we closed on our house here in the north Texas area. We have LOVED living here. We have met so many wonderful people and have made so many memories here already. I can't believe its already been a year!

My Blog Addiction

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I got this idea from my friend, Melissa's, blog today. You take a quiz and then it tells you how addicted you are to blogging. I definitely am! Its funny how much you want to check other people's blogs(even people you don't know) once you get into it. I've started to get even more into it lately. I love it! I figure its a more productive thing to do than watch TV, right? Thanks for the idea Melissa (you're more addicted than me-haha!)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Play date

We met our friends, the Willson's, at the park this morning and we all had a good time.(We missed you Melissa! Hope Dax feels better soon!)

Here's Ella and Christopher on the rocking airplanes...

Instead of sitting in the airplane like all the other children, Ella prefers this method of rocking
Sarah holding Cali & Naomi
( just for the picture. I wouldn't make my friend hold my baby and hers while I sat there empty handed........or would I? :)
Yummy fingers
Hi, how are ya?


After looking at Elliot's pictures and seriously thinking he looks like all of mine, I looked through some pictures of my girls when they were only a day or two old. Check out these pictures and compare them to each other and Elliot's picture. I think the resemblance is uncanny! You can definitely tell they are all cousins. Clockwise from top: Aubrey, Ella, Cali

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our new baby nephew

Elliot Thomas West arrived yesterday at 1:28 pm, weighing 8 lbs. 9oz. and 19 inches long. Mommy and baby are doing well. Its so exciting when the family grows! He is a cutie. I actually think he looks a LOT like our kids when they were that little, especially in this picture. Congrats Genie & Aaron!

Aubrey's Tennis Camp

Aubrey just finished her summer tennis camp today. She loves tennis and already has great potential. I love tennis too and so of course, I don't mind if she loves it:) Almost every time a ball came to her, she made contact and it sailed right over the net. She did a great job!

Waiting for the ball....

Hit! Look at that swing...Ella was a big helper

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Elliot's coming!

We are all so excited to find out that Genie(one of Joey's sisters) is in labor today! She is expecting a little boy they are naming Elliot. This is Aaron and Genie's first child which makes it extra exciting. You guys are going to be wonderful parents. Good luck today!!!! We can't wait to see pictures and meet the little guy in December! We love you!
Aaron, Genie and the girls
California trip 2005

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Charlotte's Web

I started reading Charlotte's Web to Aubrey and Ella last week. They just sit there and listen so intently. Its nice mommy-daughter time for us. A couple of days ago Ella was drawing a picture on the magna-doodle. She made this cute little scene shown below. She pointed out Wilbur, Charlotte, the web, clouds, the grass, the sun, and some "words." She was very proud of it and we were proud too.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Deep Thought for the Day

"Many people don't realize that playing dead can help not only with bears, but also at important business meetings."

Jack Handey

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pretty in Pink

I had to post this picture of the girls this morning before church. They just looked so cute.

Aquatic Center

We found this little aquatics center with a pool and slide that we decided to check out yesterday. For about 5 bucks total, we all had a great time!

Joey and the girls are the ones under the yellow thingy
I know what you are thinking and no, Ella isn't peeing on herself

Water balloon fight!

Yesterday was a hot summer day, a perfect day for a water balloon fight. The balloons were filled up and then it was every man for himself....

Ella showing me her little baby balloon. It slipped out of her hands as I was taking the picture.

Joey was filling up a balloon as big as he could and I took the picture as it popped. If you click on it and look close up, it looks pretty cool.

Look how much these sweet girls love their mommy
Revenge will be mine!
Cali enjoyed the show