Friday, August 03, 2007

Girl's Night Out-YEAH BABY!

Okay, so I actually have friends here (yes, I know this is hard to believe). Melissa, Sarah, Katie and I planned a girls night out this week and it was so so fun. First, we did dessert at Chili's. Being the pig that I am I downed an entire Molten Cake. Melissa didn't finish hers so it made me look even more like a pig. Thanks a lot! :)

Then we watched Hairspray at the nearby Cinemark. John Travolta stole the show, check out this picture of him. He really is one fine lookin woman.

It was much-needed girltime! I seriously felt like I was in highschool again hangin out with my peeps. I can't wait till we do it again!


-Melissa- said...

That was a great girls night out. Can't wait for the next one.

Unknown said...

whatever, no one is surprised that you have tons of friends. you rock. sounds like a fun night out. we have a little girls' night coming up ourselves...becoming jane comes out next weekend! i do believe there will be chocolate involved, too! wish you were here.

Kristi said...

How fun--I love girls' night out, especially ones with chocolate cake (and honey, I would have finished my own and then finished your friends, too!)! I really want to see this movie--I'm glad you got some girl time in!