Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to my baby brother!

Hey Taylor! Happy 13th Birthday! I can't believe you are a teenager now-I remember when Mom had you. I was 14 and changed your diapers. Good times. No, really, I loved helping take care of you and Austin. You were my little sweeties:) I miss you and I miss going to your baseball games. I miss the Taylor laugh:), making movies and commercials with you, putt putt, bowling, watching you play air soft with the boys, taking you to the park(when you were little), scaring you with Joey's laser beam, the list could go on!

Ok, so this freaky picture to the upper right Joey played around with and made it even freakier. Do you remember this one from a couple of years ago? I had to post it because it is so dang hilarious and quite scary actually.

Taylor playing with Ella

Aubrey, Taylor, Ella & Austin 2005

Austin, Aubrey, Ella & Taylor July 2007

They are such great little uncles!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Taylor. I love you! Awesome pic by the way.

Holly O. said...

I can't believe you have a 13-year-old brother. Cute little uncle!

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday! He is a cutie :)

Unknown said...

aww, how fun. baby brothers are the best!

-Melissa- said...

Happy Birthday Holly's brother. The first picture cracked me up! You guys are so funny.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Taylor, no picture is safe near Joey, just kidding. Hope your day was a fun one and that you enjoyed celebrating your reaching the big "13" OUCH!!! Just think in 7 years Aubrey will be 13, Ahhhhhhh, don't want to go there yet. Anyway, hope you had a great day.