Saturday, August 18, 2007

So, what did YOU think?

Yes, this is another High School Musical 2 post.

Last night. We're all sitting in the living room while the countdown for High School Musical begins. There was literally a countdown on the upper right corner of the screen as if it was New Year's Eve-I agree with you Anayansi, quite comical. Then the movie began....15 minutes later it started to pour rain and our satellite went out. I'm not kidding. I imagined hundreds of homes full of little girls throughout town all yelling, "NOOOOOooooo!" We missed about 20 minutes of the movie which really stunk. I'm sure it will air again and again througout eternity on the Disney channel like part one does. But still, it stunk.

The part that we did see, we liked. There was a lot more dancing and some new catchy songs. I am partial to the original though-the storyline was better in that one. I mean, you can only fall in love once, and thats the magic of part 1, besides the music... the on-screen romance:)
When it started, Ella saw cheerleaders dancing, ran upstairs and brought down some pom poms. She then entertained was some of her moves. She is quite the dancer:) Aubrey sat on the couch the entire time with her eyes glued to the screen. She was so into it, so much that it was as if she was in a trance.
So, yeah, I think it was another winner. It was cute, upbeat, and clean-which is something hard to find these days. I appreciate the innocence of these movies. I'm really glad this movie is so popular. It shows that you can make a clean movie and people will watch it. Moviemakers don't need to dirty-up everything to get good ratings! Same with Napoleon Dynamite, another clean movie, and it was a MEGA HIT!
So, my fellow bloggers and blogstalkers, did you watch it? If so, what did YOU think about it?


Probative said...

That sounds like one of those commercials that Comcast and Timewarner run to disparage Direct TV.

Pardon the schadenfreude, but that image of a huge collective groan coming out of McKinney is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

holly don;t you give up on satellite TV We miss our Direct TV and WE HATE CABLE! as for HSM2 we did not watch, but for just you "Noooooooooooooo, no, no, no
Sick to the stuff you know
If you want to be cool
Follow one simple rule
Don't mess with the flow, oh no
Stick to the status quooooooooooooo
No, no, no
Stick to the stuff you know
It is better by far
To keep things as they are
Don't mess with the flow, no no
Stick to the status
stick to the status
Stick to the status quo

it is the only one i really know! that and Bop bop bop, bop to the top!

Unknown said...

that SUCKS! i got shafted out of half of my so you think you can dance finale because of the same thing. the thing is, overall the satellite is SO reliable. it's only happened like twice. i just happened to be in the middle of something i was DYING to see both times. aaargh!

Unknown said...

ps, is that the real east high in slc? we lived right by there when we went to the U! crazy.

Holly O. said...

I officially need to set my Tivo to record the first and second. I haven't seen them and since they are oh so popular, it is high time I get on the bandwagon!

hoLLy said...

i read somewhere that East High is fictitious. i think most of it was filmed in southern utah, but who knows? maybe?!

Jan said...

I've seen #1 but didn't get to see #2 - but I think you're right - it will be on Disney repeatedly and I will catch it!

Kristi said...

oh man, that sucks satellite went out! bad timing! I''m with you, I liked it and I am just glad there are clean movies out there for the kids to watch and like. I do have one teeny complaint about the manpris on Zac Efron at the end...say it ain't so, Zac...

hoLLy said...

yeah, you're back kristi! i love your comments. especially the manpri complaint. lol!

Bryan Brown said...

OK, it's sad that I know this...but Julie had a big High School Musical party. Sigh...I was working on the car, fortunately, and I hate working on the car. East High IS actually in Salt Lake city, East Salt Lake High School I think it is. Number two was filmed in St. George. Julie and the girls (and Blake too) know ALL the words to ALL the songs. It's better than GREASE I guess!

They've seen #2 almost every night that it played, had the big count down, the Go Wildcats cookie cake and HSM plates, etc...

hoLLy said...

thanks for the insight bryan. i wasn't sure! i think the night of that premiere there must have been a million little parties going on! its crazy how big that movie has gotten with the younger crowd(and moms like me:)