Thursday, October 25, 2007

100 Things About Me

I've read a couple of other blogger's "100 Things" lists and I thought it'd be fun to do one too. It was fun! Joey was at a priesthood meeting and has been working on the computer a lot, so I had some extra free time tonight. Anyways, enjoy learning about the wonder that is Holly.....

100 Things About Me
1. Joey is the best thing that ever happened to me.
2. I think my girls are the most beautiful,smart, precious children on this Earth!!!
3. I was proposed to in the Sacred Grove. I said yes of course! Joey is wonderfully romantic and continues to be.
4. I have never broken a bone or had stitches…knock on wood.
5. I love Mint milano or mint Brussels cookies. Eating them makes me feel like I’m the queen of England or something. They just feel so proper.
6. I have more freckles than there are stars in the sky
7. Joey thinks they are cute, but he has to say that. They repulse me.
8. I absolutely love the show, The Office. It is the only show I really watch these days.
9. I don’t really enjoy watching drama shows, like ER or CSI, like most of the world.
10. I am very shy, but once you get to know me, you’ll find I’m a little crazy. Then you might wish you didn’t know me. Then its too late…..sorry…
11. My favorite season is autumn.
12. I love dipping biscotti in my hot cocoa. It is seriously addicting.
13. I love to sit by a fire wrapped in blankets next to my sweetheart.
14. One of my biggest fears is public speaking. I absolutely dread the phone call to speak in sacrament meeting.
15. I love to play tennis. I wish I was better at it though.
16. I play the piano. This too, I wish I was better at.
17. I have a funky birthmark on my upper right leg. When I was a teen/preteen I remember using waterproof foundation to try and cover it up when I went swimming.
18. I love to dance in the living room with my girls. I remember that was something I did with my mom too. Those are some very fond memories.
19. I like to eat Lucky Charms.
20. I love to play board games. My favorite is Balderdash. I love to make stuff up, love it, love it! I have been told I am creative. Thank you whoever told me that. That was nice.
21. I’m tired of The Bee Movie commercials, shorts and promos.
22. I was voted “Friendliest girl” in my highschool class.
23. I am very grateful to my parents for getting me braces as a teen. Pre-braces, I looked like a rabbit.
24. I am afraid of most animals.
25. I am allergic to cats.
26. I love to go to garage sales.
27. I have never said a cuss word.
28. One of the best parts of my day is when I see my girls laughing together.
29. I laugh the hardest when I’m with my sister, my best friend, Laura, or my mom.
30. I can make a really good duck sound.
31. I sleep with my mouth wide open.
32. I also drool when I sleep. Poor Joey, doesn’t have a “sleeping beauty” beside him that’s for sure.
33. I love Disneyland and Disneyworld!!! I have just as much fun as the kids, if not more.
34. Schlitterbahn is my next favorite park.
35. Okay, so I love just about every theme park!
36. I love going out to eat.
37. For my height, my feet are too big.
38. All 3 of my girls started sleeping through the night at age 6 weeks.
39. I had epidurals with all 3 labors and wouldn’t have it any other way. With Aubrey, they didn’t give it to me until I was almost 9 cm dilated and I NEVER again want to feel that pain..NEVER!!! That day made me appreciate my mother 100 times more than I ever had.
40. I used to sell items on Ebay.
41. I am LDS and have a strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His restored church.
42. I love the Book of Mormon and have read it cover to cover 7 times.
43. This past summer, almost every night while we watched TV or hung out, Joey and I would scoop chocolate icecream into cups and pour milk inside and enjoy it together. Yummy. It was an addiction we shared together.
44. I’m afraid to ever go roller skating again. I have injured my tailbone twice(once roller skating). Very painful. Still feeling it years later. Maybe tmi. I am also really bad at roller skating. I have no balancing skills. So, two good reasons to probably never put on a pair of roller skates again.
45. I have a very very juvenile sense of humor.
46. Writing the word “poop” makes me laugh. I just did. Not pooped, laughed.
47. I have perfect vision. That’s definitely the only thing perfect about me:)
48. I love going on walks or to the park with my family.
49. I think some people think I’m a paranoid parent. The safety and health of my family is one of the most important things to me.
50. I am anti-trampoline. I will never let my kids jump on one(unless it is in a gymnastics facility with a trainer). Trampolines have caused deaths and serious injuries in children with or without the net around it. I’ve done a lot of research on the subject actually. I do a lot of research on everything actually. That’s me.
51. When I give my kids grapes, I still cut them. The thought of one of them choking freaks me out. I even cut hotdogs down the middle before I put them in a bun.
52. I know just about all the words to the High School Musical and High School Musical 2 soundtracks. I'm just as into that stuff as the teeny boppers.
53. One of my newest hobbies is cooking. I'm really starting to love it and I know Joey and the girls like my new hobby too:)
54. My birthday is August 31, 1980.
55. I love to laugh!
56. I love be with my girlfriends. Every girl needs some girl time.
57. When I was about 12 or 13, me and my sister, Tara, made a tape of our own commercials. My parents still have that tape and it is pretty hilarious. The things we came up with….
58. My favorite color is green.
59. I have a goal to plant a garden this year.
60. I need to learn how to do that.
61. When its cold, I have to be wearing those super soft socks, not sure what they’re called, cozy socks? My sister in law, Christine, always buys them for me. I just love them. They are a wintertime must have.
62. I will never get anything waxed. That scares me.
63. I remember peeing in a cup and trying to get my little brother to drink it(I was like 7 ok!). Tara and I told him it was lemonade. He didn’t drink it. Darn. :)
64. I also remember peeing in a plastic Easter egg when I was little. I also remember givin it a shake. Not sure why I did that. I was weird.
65. I grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas. I was actually in the same ward(at church) my whole life until Joey and I and our girls moved to Buda, Texas(just south of Austin) when I was 24. We then moved here to North Texas. Texas forever baby!
66. I don’t have a Texan accent, but I do say “y’all”
67. I love Netflix. Whoever thought of it is a genius, pure genius.
68. I love to check the mail and my email.
69. I type about 85 wpm.
70. I despise scary movies. I don’t mind a good suspense, but horror movies make me mad. I don’t understand why people make those evil things. What gets me even more mad are the previews for them that come on when my kids are in the room. We rarely have the tv on when the kids are awake because of all the crud on tv.
71. I don’t like to watch the news. It’s depressing.
72. I love music. I could spend all day searching music and downloading it to my ipod if I had all day that is.
73. I think Nacho Libre is one of the most hilarious movies ever. Napoleon Dynamite is right up there with it.
74. I love to be outside, but not during the summer unless I’m in a swimming pool. I love a cool breeze and tall trees. I just love nature.
75. I didn’t see snow until I was an adult.
76. The first time I ever rode an airplane, a train, taxi cab, or a subway was with Joey in 2000.
77. I love sweets. I seriously have a problem-I crave them hourly.
78. I love to get a good deal. I hate to pay full price for anything. I automatically go to the clearance racks when I go shopping. Some people call it cheap, I call it smart:) I also LOVE anything free!
79. Joey thinks I have ADD. I don’t like to sit still for very long and I get tired/bored of things really easily. I’m getting tired of making this list right now:) j/k I’m surprisingly not. I’m digging deep within my inner self and its fun. You are probably tired of reading it though.
80. I was afraid of Chuck E Cheese until I was like 6 or 7. Poor Aubrey has the same problem as her mommy. Sorry Aubrey-you inherited that from me!
81. I never had wisdom teeth come in. I had 2 missing adult teeth too.
82. I can be very anal about having to have things a certain way and doing certain things myself with no help(sounds very 2-year-old I know). Ask Joey. He can give you more details and examples of how ridiculous I am at times I’m sure.
83. I love Christmas music. I could listen to it all year long!
84. I can wiggle my ears.
85. When I was about 13, my best friend, Laura, and I were at the mall. We were just hanging out and noticed this older scary group of girls who were eyeing us like they wanted to kill us. I freaked and took off running. Laura followed. Then they chased us through the mall! We hid in a dressing room. I do not know why I ran or why they chased us. All I know is that Laura cut her toe on the escalators and we sat in a dressing room of the Dillards bra department for a long time very scared. Man, I was a dork. Good times, Laura. Good times. Sorry you were friends with me.
86. I also remember from the good ol’ mall days, dropping candies from the 3rd floor of Foley’s onto unsuspecting shoppers. Okay, so we never actually nailed anyone, but we got close.
87. I never once got in trouble or got detention at school. I was a goodie goodie.
88. I was also one of those academic kids. I was all about my grades and worked really hard to try and make good grades. I graduated in the top 5% of my class. Not too shabby.
89. I was the senior class treasurer. I didn’t actually do any treasuring, but I went to all the class meetings!
90. Joey and I don’t watch a lot of TV. When he gets home from work, we eat dinner and just do stuff together with the kids until their bedtime. We just love to play with them. They are our everything and we just love to have fun together. We are always looking for new things to do and different places to see.
91. I’m allergic to a bunch of stuff: aspirin, ibuprofen, bananas, pumpkin, certain deodorants, lotions, shampoos, corn, cockroaches(seriously) and many more. The reason those people test for cockroaches is beyond me. Like I’m going to eat one or something-sheesh. I only did that once…
92. I would love to visit some place in Europe. The top of my list is Italy. It looks so terribly romantic.
93. I wish unicorns and pegasus’ were real. How awesome would it be to look out your window and see a Pegasus fly by?
94. As a child, I always hoped that I would find Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. I also remember everytime I'd open a Crunch bar(silver wrapper) I'd hope I'd find a golden ticket.
95. I don’t like vegetables as much as I should.
96. I like to eat a bowl of cereal at night sometimes. My dad does too. I guess I got that from him.
97. Another huge fear of mine is teaching an adult class at church. I pray I will never get a calling like that. I love to teach Primary, but having to teach adults would intimidate and scare me to the point of nausea.
98. I have run smack into a sliding glass door….at a birthday party….in front of a lot of people….and that’s not it…I then stepped in a bowl of popcorn.
99. I would like to see a liger in real life. It would need to be in a cage though so it didn’t eat me.
100. Is anyone still reading? :) Okay, last one-I love my family and the fact that they love me, despite my imperfections and quirkiness.


Anonymous said...


hoLLy said...

i did it last night in a little over an hour. its sad how quickly i could come up with so many pathetic things:)

Jan said...

Ah, Holly!! I loved your list -- you're wonderful! Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

I loved the list learned a little more about you that I didn't know. I laughed at all the ones that were funny as I tried picturing you doing the tricks and such. Thanks for sharing. Joey your turn.

-Melissa- said...

I loved reading your list. I found out some fun things about you. I don't know if I could come up with a 100 things about me.

hoLLy said...

i bet you could melissa!

Erica said...

You are a fabulously fascinating and highly entertaining individual. Perhaps next time we could learn 250 things about you??!!?

Anonymous said...

Good times, Holly, good times...I'm reading this at work right now. It's so funny, that I'm sharing it with a co-worker right now.

becki said...

i'm thoroughly impressed you could come up with 100, i'll have to try it, but not tonight.

Anayansi said...

very informative

jOeY said...

I loved reading your list babe. It made me smile and laugh. My favs are number 1 and 100 ;o)

I was thinking though, #93 might get a little messy if one of those pegasus decide to drop a bomb.

Sarah said...

I would like to echo whoever told you that you're creative. That's awesome! You're a very interesting person, and I'm glad I get to be your friend!

Jori said...

What a great list. I love learning more about my bloggin' buddies. That is SO cool that you got engaged in the Sacred Grove.

Olive Lucy said...

now that take commitment my faves are #46,61,65,91

Unknown said...

love it! i can't believe you've never said a swear word. that is impressive. but you've got to try waxing! it's not so bad. i'm christmas music crazy, too! you're such a fun girl!

Jerry's Dallas said...

I don't believe number 27.


Good Times! Surprisingly I knew most of the 100 things. # 12 and 37 are rediculous, you are beautiful and always have been! Thanks for sharing I love you and the way your quarky mind works and also you are a great Mom for your efforts to keep your girls safe and entertained!

Bryan Brown said...

OK, so that was very interesting! I definitely know a lot more about you now than I ever did. Thank you for sharing, poop, you really made me laugh, poop. No, I didn't laugh out the poop, I'm just trying to make you laugh...

OK, speaking of that, a flying pegasus might make ME scared. Birds are bad enough, but do I need to mention pegasus poop? I'd wear an umbrella hat all day long!

Ok, my sides hurt, I'm going to quit now.