Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hanging out with Tara & Cindy

We spent part of the day yesterday visiting my sister, Tara, and my aunt Cindy. It was a fun visit! I'm glad we only live an hour away(still wish it was a little closer though:) We ate lunch at the Cracker Barrel, met Tara's new animal friends(she is a serious animal lover), and also went to this cute park by Tara's apartment. It was a nice day....

The girls enjoyed feeding the ducks at the park

Hanging out at the Cracker Barrel-one of my favorite restaurants. I just found out they are building one where we live-yesssssss!

At Tara's place. We all love Chloe. My sister has had Chloe for about 9 years now. She is the best dog-we love so much!

Cali's thinking, "What is that white fluffy thing over there staring at me?"
Tara bought a Yorkie a little while ago named Maya. The girls were a little nervous to pet her since she is still a puppy and pretty hyper and jumpy. But as soon as we left, they were both talking about how much they missed her already. She is a cute cute puppy.
Aubrey was especially nervous:)
Cali and her aunt Cindy
Tara bought a Sugar Glider a couple of months ago. I had never even heard of one till now. He is pretty cute, but scares me to death. He can make a really freaky sound. Say hello to Simon.A kiss from Simon. She says he can bite hard, so I think she is very brave to offer her nose for his lunch. He could probably rip a chunk right out of it...okay, probably not, but still...she's brave.
So, thanks Tara for letting us hang out at your wild animal kingdom. We enjoyed it. And thanks for meeting up with us Cindy. It was fun hanging out with you guys!!


Jan said...

Family time is just the best. I love seeing your family pics. Thanks for sharing!

-Melissa- said...

What a fun day with your sister and Aunt. I did'nt know they were going to build a Cracker Barrel in Mckinney. When and Where??

Anayansi said...

looks like it was a fun day. you are so lucky to have family close by.

simon is such a cute little thing. will he get any bigger?

Cindy said...

Thanks for inviting me. I had a great time! And BTW, Thanks for the pics.... lol :-)

hoLLy said...

melissa, the cracker barrel is supposed to be built near the new super target off the 75.

anayansi, i don't think he'll get much bigger than that. i'm not totally sure though. tara is the expert on that matter:)

cindy, you are welcome:)

jan, thanks for the comment. you are so sweet as usual!

Kristi said...

How fun, Holly! It looks like you had a great time hanging out with your fam--you gotta love that! I love Cracker Barrel, too!! (see how much we have in common? That and Nacho :) My family always makes a tradition of going to breakfast there together...that makes me hungry!!!

Anonymous said...

OH, I detest the first pic. I look like I'm insane! But thanks for coming over on Saturday; I enjoyed your company.
And to Anayansi, he won't get any bigger. He's only about five months old now, but fully grown.

hoLLy said...

i knew you would love that one, thats why i posted it. hee hee. you don't look insane-you just look strange :) hee hee hee hee.