Sunday, October 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Nana! (aka Mom and Cyndi:)

We wish we could be there today to help you blow out those candles! We hope you have a wonderful birthday! Thanks for being such a great mom, mother in law, and especially a wonderful grandmother to our girls. We have been so blessed to have you in our lives! Happy Birthday! We miss you~

Nana with baby Aubrey

Nana braiding Aubrey's hair 2006

A kiss from Nana to Ella-2004

Nana & Ella Christmas 2005Gingerbread houses with Nana 2005
Christmas 2005, Nana & Tata with their grandkiddos Nana & Cali 2007


Kristi said...

Happy Birthday! What a sweet grandma!!! I love all of these pictures of her and the kids!! You are one lucky family. :)

Jan said...

Such sweet pics - love seeing your family!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the birthday greeting. I love those pictures. It brings back great memories. I was showing Tata a couple of pictures today and it was when Aubrey was probably 4 and Ella I guess almost 2. They are so cute and I just love their smiles. Remember those gingerbread houses we never laughed so hard that day. Thank you, Joey, Holly, Aubrey, Ella and Cali for the best birthday song ever this morning and text messages. I love you. Mom/Nana

Unknown said...

happy happy birthday! nana's are the best!

-Melissa- said...

Happy Birthday Joey's mom! Cute pictures of the girls with their Nana. You guys have such a sweet family.