Thursday, November 29, 2007

Guest map

You probably haven't noticed(or maybe you have and thought it was lame), but at the bottom of my blog I put a little guest map. You just sign in by clicking "Sign my guest map", leave a message if you want to, and it will mark you on the map. I thought it would be cool to see where people are from that check out my blog. So, sign in already! :)

Fun in Corpus

I was in the middle of making this post yesterday when our internet and phone stopped working. A cable company accidentally cut our cable line and they just fixed it, so yea, I have my phone(and more importantly) my internet back! :) Anyways, below are pictures from our time with Joey's family. We had lots of yummy food, fun crafts for the kids and enjoyed our time with them so much.

Ready to eat our Thanksgiving dinner
Cali playing with her Tata
Aubrey creating her masterpiece. Joey's mom decided to have the grandkids draw and paint the playroom. It was a fun project. They LOVED being a part of this and really enjoyed using their imaginations.
Ella hard at work
Cali and Nana supervising
Ella's favorite part was painting. Just remember girls:only on Nana's walls! :)
Kai, Don, Aubrey & Ella painting away
Cali spending time with her Auntie Nikki
Joey took this picture and I think Aubrey looks so beautiful in it. Her Tata put this flower in her hair.

Kai said he could eat a whole turkey leg. He didn't finish half of it, but at least he had confidence in himself:)

The kids

Ella gettin silly during a game of Apples to Apples junior. She somehow managed to stick one of the cards to her forehead and dance around the living room without it falling off. I'm guessing she used a little spit. Apples to Apples is one of our favorite family games. If you have never played, you should! Its fun!


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fun at the Smith's and Adam's

The past couple of days have been crazy busy and I'm finally posting the pictures from our Thanksgiving holiday. I've been such a slacker:) These are the pictures from time spent at my parents and my grandparents homes during last week. We had a lot of fun seeing everyone and spending time together. Thanks for everything everyone. We miss you but will see you again soon!

The Build A Bear paper dolls that Aubrey & Ella decorated with my mom. Good job girls! These bears are stylin!

Ella and my brother,Mark. Hey ladies-this handsome rm is single and lookin! :)
My brother Taylor has had an obsession with wearing book sleeves as hats lately.
Cali isn't too sure
Hi Grandpa!
My mom in her new kitchen. My parents totally redid their kitchen a couple of months ago and I think it looks fabuloso.
Aubrey, Ella and their cousin, Jenna, playing in my grandparents backyard. This the same awesome backyard I grew up playing in. It is HUGE. Aubrey was feeling pretty good Thanksgiving day but that night is when her fever went back up. I'm guessing that is when her ear infection really came on. Maybe I shouldn't have let her play outside that day when she was recovering from a sinus infection. I'm a bad mom I guess. She had fun though!

Cali & Mama

Playing chase-run for your lives!
Football with Austin & Taylor
My cousin, Josh, and his daughter Berlin, Joey & Cali. Berlin and Cali are only 1 month apart. They had a lot of catching up to do(Berlin and Cali. Ok, Josh and Joey too:)
My mommy, me & Cali hanging out with everyone at my Grandma's

We went with my family to Funtrackers, a go-cart, mini-golf and arcade center. The girls had a BLAST riding the go-carts. It was Ella's first time and she was smiling one of the biggest smiles we have ever seen! They were both laughing and laughing.

Monday, November 26, 2007

We're back-finally!

Thanksgiving week was a mixture of fun and stress this year. The holiday with our family was great. We spent a lot of time with our families and enjoyed delicious food. We did lots of fun things together and we miss our family already. However, there were some adventures along the way....Aubrey got sick late one night. High fever(this kid gets the highest fevers!) and horrible ear pain. She had a cough for two weeks prior to our trip and congestion. So, I took her to an urgent care center where they prescribed her some antibiotics for a sinus infection they believed was causing pressure in her ears. Well, she is still sick. The antibiotics really didn't give her an improvement. I thought she was doing better last Wednesday and Thursday, but I was wrong. She runs a fever as I type. So, she was miserable most of our vacation. She has an appointment this morning with her pediatrician and I hope her dr. can figure out what is wrong. Cali was constipated(too much information!) which we tried fixing with a bit of prunes and then her problem went to the other extreme much to our dismay on the way home yesterday. So, we had fun changing her clothes and lovely diapers on the way home in 30 degree weather.

Now onto the next problem-the crapigator. We purchased a 2004 Lincoln Navigator back in August and we swear someone rolled this thing down a cliff before selling it to us. The picture to the left is just to give effect-its not really what happened to us:) It gave us problems the night before we were to leave. We took it to a place to get it fixed. They charged us over $600 by replacing a part that didn't even need to be replaced. So, the car wasn't fixed and we are out $600. We plan on fighting this charge to the death! This place, Champion Ford in Corpus Christi, was SOOOO dishonest and we are reporting them to the BBB. Those punks! So, no place anywhere would be able to fix our car by yesterday(Sunday) and we had to get home. So, we drove home yesterday on lots of prayers and we made it. It is a miracle. The car is now in another shop and now we get to spend more money. YEA! I hope these people fix it and are honest about it. I hate auto shops. Oh yeah, and we came home to a broken dishwasher which we get to pay more $ to get fixed today. Good times. So, despite a lot of stress and a lot of $$ down the tubes right before Christmas(perfect timing) we are all home and safe and thats what matters. Thats what I have to keep telling myself everytime I get mad about everything. Breathe Holly, breathe:) So, thats the story. I will post pictures from the good parts of our trip soon...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving & a birthday shout-out

Just a short post to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving! We will be visiting lots of family today, eating lots of great food, and remembering all that we have to be thankful for: Jesus Christ, a loving and eternal family, the gospel, the freedoms we enjoy living in this country, good friends, our homes, food, clothing, the list goes on and on. We are so blessed.

I also want to wish my best friend, Laura, an awesome birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day. I'm late with your present this year-soRRy! It'll get there soon. I'll call you later today! I miss you and love you!

Friday, November 16, 2007

We're off!

Tomorrow bright and early we head down to Corpus Christi(my roots yo) to spend a week with our family for Thanksgiving. So, I say adios to the blogging world this week. I may sneak one post in midweek if the withdrawal symptoms are too rough:) I know you won't miss me too much, but I'll miss you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and enjoy all the food. I am looking SO forward to stuffing my face!

Peace out.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I just have to report that Cali said, "Mamamamama" today. Her mama is happy:) Last month she started babbling. First with "ga" then with "bababa" then "dadadada" and finally the most important one, "mamama." Just kidding Joey!

I guess I should also mention she was saying it when she was upset. Hey, I'll take what I can get!

Glen Oaks Thanksgiving feast

Yesterday was Glen Oaks Elementary's Thanksgiving feast. The families were invited to come and eat a Thanksgiving lunch with their children. The kids were wearing these cute turkey hats they made. Although Aubrey wasn't. I had to ask Aubrey to wear hers for this picture. She said, "It looks silly." She already is so concerned with whats cool and whats not. I have a lot to look forward to... :) Here she is with her buddies from her school and church classes, Courtney and Addyson. Don't they look cute? See Aubrey! Its cute, not silly:)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cali loves her sisters

The girls came home from a birthday party with little party blowers the other day. Cali LOVED them. She had never laughed so hard! I'm glad I caught part of it on video.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day

I just wanted to say thank you to all of those who have fought and those who continue to fight on behalf of this great nation, the United States of America. I am so grateful for the freedoms we enjoy here in this wonderful country. What a blessing it is to live in this land. I am truly proud to be an American!

Tiger Hall of Famer

There was a mistake made on Aubrey's school website that was just corrected. They had Aubrey's name but the picture was drawn by a girl named Audrey. So, now you can click on the link below to see Aubrey's self portrait that she drew in October that made it to the Tiger Hall of Fame. You have to scroll down to the bottom where it has the 3 kindergarteners that were selected. YEA AUBREY!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fort Worth Zoo

We went to the Fort Worth Zoo this weekend with my sister, Tara, and my aunt Cindy. We had never been to this zoo before and we were very impressed. They had lots to see and do and it was a beautiful day. We are a picture taking family, so as usual, there were a LOT of pictures(even after I narrowed them down!). The easiest way to show them was to put them in a slideshow, so here it is-our day at the zoo! I even put in captions, lucky you:)

Note: In the "A bear!" picture, I am not dissing that lady like I now am realizing it may have seemed. She was in the bear exhibit testing the electric fences. She was where the bear was supposed to be, so we just pretended she was the bear and imagined how funny it would've been if she had acted like one.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Feasting upon the words

Cali snuck the Book of Mormon off of our coffee table yesterday and decided to taste it, examine it and even read a few verses. I guess you're never too young to read your scriptures. Shes already an example to her family:)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A failed attempt at a photo shoot

On Sunday after church, I asked Joey to take some pictures of the girls in their church clothes. I thought they looked so cute and Ella was wearing this little "I can be honest" headband that she got from her teacher. Well, here are pictures from the photo shoot....didn't go quite as planned. We were frustrated that day, but now that we are looking through these pictures, we are laughing.

A very loud motorcycle drove by...
Cali's still not happy....
Acting silly
Still acting silly
Ella got mad at Aubrey. Aubrey doesn't look like she cares.
The only picture that turned out half-way normal. We got a little belly showing and Aubrey isn't smiling. So, not the best picture of the two of them. And yeah, I had to lay Cali down. She was tuckered out after church and wanted nothing to do with getting her picture taken.And I just had to throw this one in too. Joey asked Aubrey to smile. She smiled, but with a flare that reminds me of her mother(which would be me).
We tried.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


On Sunday, Aubrey and Ella were in the backyard together enjoying the nice weather, swinging, and picking flowers. All of the sudden Aubrey raced into the house and said, "Mom! I found a four leaf clover!" I didn't really believe it until I saw it and in fact, she truly found one! I remember as a child looking through patches of clovers in my backyard trying and trying to find one and I never had such luck. They all had 3 leaves. I have never seen one before and wondered if they even existed. Now I know they do! Joey being the great daddy he is, found a way to preserve the leaf by laminating it into a bookmark for Aubrey. He also said to me, "Maybe we should ask her if she knows of any winning lotto numbers." Funny. I did consider it though.... :)
"One day I fond a four leaf clovr. That day I was prawd."

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Girl's Night Out at Main Event

A couple of weeks ago(around the time when we had the picture loss scare) me and a couple of friends went to Main Event in Plano, bowled a couple of games, shot some pool and even did laser tag. So, I sucked at bowling, was even worse at pool, but when it came to laser tag, I kicked bootay. Joey would've been proud:)

Anyways, I thought I was going to lose these priceless pictures, but thank goodness I didn't. I have amazing form when I bowl....simply amazing.. We had fun that night. It is SO great to have some friends to do Girls Night Outs with once a month. I just love it!

You see, the secret to bowling is to bend down on one knee and put one hand straight in the air while waving to the ball. Okay, so this is my secret to scoring a 45.

Go Sarah! She beat me, but not too badly. I think she threw a few gutter balls so I wouldn't look so bad. Thanks Sarah:) And I don't know why I took pictures of my friends butts, but I did, oKaY!

Melissa was the master bowler of the night. She kicked all of our butts. I hate her :)

Me, Sarah & Melissa at our late night Sonic stop. We made the Sonic girl take our picture. When I gave her the camera, she took off running with it! I had to chase her down, kick her in the back, knock her down, and pry the camera out of her hands. Stupid sonic waitress.

Um, yeah, I was kidding about that. But that would've been crazy, wouldn't it have?