Saturday, December 01, 2007

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

This week we busted out the Christmas tree! The kids were SO excited to decorate it with us. We played some Christmas music while we trimmed the tree and finished the night with hot cocoa. Ella kept hugging us over and over. She was so happy that night. It was cute to watch the excitement in their eyes. Its fun to get to relive the magic of Christmas through your children's eyes.

Aubrey hanging an ornament wearing the Christmas tree skirt as her own skirt. She let the tree have it back when she was done with it. The tree felt naked without it.

I had to include this picture. It is from 3 years ago when Aubrey wore the same tree skirt as a princess cloak. She has always been creative:) Look how shes grown...sniff...sniff..

Me and the girlies

Ella excited to decorate

I love this picture

Last night, Joey got out his Lionel Polar Express train. His parents bought it for him last year. It is awesome! We put the tracks around the tree and it really makes the tree looks so much more magical. The kids laid by the tracks for almost an hour last night just watching it chug by. This will be such a fond memory for them I know.

Cali just stared at the train intently. Then she tried to talk to the train. Then she tried to grab it. Luckily we have the train in a room that she doesn't have access to regularly or she'd be all over it:)

Our Christmas Tree 2007


-Melissa- said...

Those are some beautiful pictures of your girls. Your tree is gorgeous.

Unknown said...

gorgeous tree, gorgeous girls! and the train rocks!!!

Hacking it up said...

Beautiful tree! Fun traditions! I love the tree skirt dress-up! I also love the train. Growing up, we always had a train around our tree...I want one really bad!

Erica said...

That tree is gorgeous..and seriously, the tree/for real skirt on Aubrey is the cutest thing ever. That train looks like so much fun. Only in my house no way would it be allowed to just go in circles...stinking boys. Yay for Christmas!!

Tara D. said...

You're tree looks almost as beautiful as mine. Just kidding. It's so weird to think it'll be Christmas soon. I just hope it snows (like 6 inches or so) this year. I want snow so bad!

Jan said...

Great pictures -- love how cute the girls are and love all your beautiful decorations. It looks great.

Kristi said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, Holly! I love your decorations, espcially that tree! That last picture is beautiful. It makes me crave hot chocolate :)

Sarah said...

Ditto to everyone else's comments! Beautiful tree, and girls. So cute.