Monday, January 07, 2008

Final volume of time travel: Good times with the Smith family

Here is the last of our Christmas vacation pics. Man, we took a lot of pictures!(and the ones I've posted aren't even a fraction) I guess thats because we had such a great time! Okay, so here it is- the final volume of pictures I have titled, "Good times with the Smith family." Enjoy.

Making and decorating Christmas tree cookies with Grandma
Aubrey's tree looked better than mine
Don't you love this picture Tara? You shore look happy to be doing a puzzle. And you look kinda scary too. LOL. Don't hate me for too long, ok?
Ella helping me out. Isn't this the sweetest picture? Thanks for capturing that moment Joey.The masterpiece complete. This took us a couple of days to do. It was really hard because not only was it 500 pieces, it was 3D. Any puzzle expert out there will tell you, this was no easy task:) Everyone decided we will never do it again, so I think my mom is going to glue it together. I think she should put it above her mantle, don't you? :)
Uncle Austin reading to Ella. Ahhh...what a sweet uncle!

Trying out the new stamp sets with Grandma

Last but not least, one of our little icecream creations. Doesn't it look perdy? Can you tell we like to eat? You can't have a good time without good food(especially sweet food!!)

We had a great time and miss you guys so much already! Hopefully we'll see you again really soon!


Kristi said...

Cute pictures! It looks like you guys had some seriously good times with the Smith family! That ice cream creation looks dee-licious!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much honey 4 posting all of our adventures. posted from the wii :o)

Hacking it up said...

Dang! you guys really know how to Par-tay!! I very much want to eat that ice cream creation..yum!

Anonymous said...

That puzzle kicked out tushies! And just seeing the ice cream makes me hungry...

Anonymous said...

Good times! You got some good pictures. We miss you guys too.

Love, Mom

Kim said...

You definitely had a great Christmas! Everytime I see pics of your mom, it makes me realize how much I miss CC 3rd Ward. I can't believe you already have so many blogs for January! You're making the rest of us look like some serious slackers!


The pic of Austin and and Ella is so adorable! Austin looks like how I remember Mark! Love ya!