Sunday, January 06, 2008

Time travel, part 4: Christmas Day..finally!

Man, this has taken awhile to catch up on the holiday stuff! I'm finally doing Christmas and its already January 6. Oh well. Better late than never. Here are the pictures from Christmas morning at Joey's parents house. We had a wonderful time with family, but were sad at the same time knowing that there were people missing this year. We really missed you Christine, Watson & Lucy.
Nana and Tata with the grandkids. Notice Cali trying to pick Tata's nose.
Cali fit perfectly in this bag:) I think she makes a lovely gift.

The babies wearing their my first Christmas bibs
Nana, Cali, Elliot and Nikki(Joey's sister)

Aaron, Genie(Joey's sister) and a tuckered out Elliot. I think he had a long day of gift opening:)

Half way through the day we headed over to my parents for more presents(yea!) and a delicious Christmas dinner.

Stamp sets!

Cali and Grandma. Cali loves this piano!

These gifts were hand-stitched by my grandmother. My grandmother has 11 children, over 50 grandchildren and I don't even know how many great grandchildren! She has a gift for each person in the family every Christmas. She is a really special and amazing woman.

Ready to eat!

It was a fun day! Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts, delicious food, and good times!


Unknown said...

you guys seriously rocked and rolled this christmas! i've loved seeing your christmas catch-up.

-Melissa- said...

I've been enjoying your Christmas pics, even if Christmas is over. I love the gifts your grandmother made for Aubrey and Ella. Very cute.

Hacking it up said...

Looks like you guys had a very fun Christmas! It's always nice to be with family!It looks like you have an awesome one!

Erica said...

What an awesome grandma! Those gifts are adorable. And Cali in that bag...come on...give her to me. What an awesome Christmas!!

Jan said...

Good times! I love seeing what you did and looking at the happy faces.

Kristi said...

I love all these pictures!!! Cute family, cute pictures, cute kids! You guys look like you had a wonderful Christmas!

Nikol said...

I hope the boys never outgrow their love of being with their younger female cousins. They seriously count down the days to their arrival and LOVE spending time playing with them. They would pick them over any friend, activity, or game any day! Oh yeah, they think you and Joey are pretty cool to be around too (I still think you can be cool without giving stink bombs for gifts though:)!) Anyhow, we love and miss you guys.