Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Morning

Easter morning was so busy! The kids woke up to find their baskets full of candy, chocolate bunnies, and fun stuff(Webkinz, jumpropes, and charms for their Crocs). Then, they began their egg hunt in the backyard. It was a little chilly outside, but they didn't care. "Anything for candy." Thats our family motto.

Cali contemplating whats in this box. This was Cali's second Easter before she turned one. Weird, right?

The kids testing out their ropes

Cali testing out a plastic egg
Look Dad!
Aubrey looking exhausted already, but that didn't stop her from finding more
Ella getting upset because Aubrey snatched an egg before she did
All is well again I love this picture! A look of surprise and a bad case of bed hair.
Then it was breakfast time, showers, baths, and getting all perdy for church. All morning I felt the weight of having to give my talk upon me. We arrived at church ten minutes early(shocking for us!) and Joey and I took our seats at the front. Then a member of the Stake Presidency comes in. Great. More pressure for me. Hymns were sung and I started to feel calmer. Then after the youth speaker it was my turn and the calm left and I felt my heart start to pound again. I got up, gave my talk, cried through half of it, and then was done. Then I gave a sigh of relief and felt the best I've felt in a long time. I actually think I did alright. I know I looked and sounded nervous, but I felt it was a good talk. I spent a lot of time preparing it and while I was giving it I felt the Spirit. And thats what matters, right? People don't care if I was shaking and about to vomit all over the place. Well, they might have cared if I actually did :) Joey did great too. I was proud of both of us for conquering our fears. So many people were so sweet and complimented us afterwards. Every compliment meant the world to me. I honestly can say this was one of the best Easter experiences I've had in a while. Even though in the morning I was stressed out beyond belief, after sacrament meeting I just felt so happy and at peace. I felt like my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ were pleased with us too. Preparing this talk brought me closer to my Savior. I really had my mind and heart focused on Christ this Easter season, more than I ever had. I am so grateful for Him, for His sacrifice, His atonement for our sins, and for the wonderful gift of the resurrection.

Here are our beautiful girls in their Easter dresses before church. They looked beautiful.

Happy Easter 2008!


Jan said...

First of all, I'm sure your talks were great and I wish I could have heard them!! After that -- I love the easter egg hunt pics of the kids -- they are adorable!

mamapickle said...

You did do a great job on your talk. I liked the personal stories and felt the spirit too. Really cute Easter pics :)

-Melissa- said...

Your girls are so dang cute in their Easter dresses! It sounds like you guys had a great Easter Sunday. Also, you and Joey did a great job speaking.

jOeY said...

You picked some of my favs to post! We have cute collection of dolls don't we?! I love that last pic of the girls.

becki said...

i'm sure your talk was great! sounds like you had a fun easter-that bunny cookie is awesome!


Glad to hear you didn't spew all over the congregation! Also the girls look beautiful in their dresses!

Kristi said...

Oh my lanta, you have such a cute family!!! And what a sweet Easter holiday! I love all these pictures. And those dresses!!! So sweet :)