Friday, May 30, 2008

This time it was Wal-Mart

Once again, my sister Tara and I did a late night grocery store run when she was visiting last week. And once again, we were armed with a digital camera. Anyone that wants to check out the fun we had at good ol Wal-Mart, click here. I'm warning you, it ain't perdy:) We actually had two women do a double take and say something like, "Is that girl laying on the floor?!" almost in disgust. We were laughing so hard at these older ladies conversation about us. I'm sure we were all they talked about that week. Well, probably not, but I'd like to think so. Thinking that makes me smile.

If you'd like to see some of our previous work from a while back, click here. Don't say I didn't warn you. We Smith girls have an imagination, especially late at night. Gotta keep it real. Its these kind of things that will always keep me young at heart:) I hope Tara and I are still doing this when we are in our seventies. Whaddaya say Tara? Lets be crazy old ladies taking strange pictures in grocery stores someday! Its a plan.

Our favorite summer park

Just a few minutes down the road is an awesome park with a splash pad. I love it for so many reasons. First, it has a splash pad. What is better than that in the summertime? I also love that its close, its free, its not too big, and its usually not too crowded. We went there for the first time this year a few days ago and the kids had a blast playing in the water and at the park. The girls remembered this place from last year, but to Cali, it was all new. She had so much fun and is a girl that definitely loves to get wet! She just walked around getting sprayed in the face and clapping her hands the whole time. It was so cute to watch how happy she was. Ella ran around the whole time screaming and laughing. Aubrey sort of skipped with her eyes squinched and her hands up to her face. She had fun, but doesn't like her face to get too wet:) I love how these kids are all so different! They each have their own unique personalities thats for sure.
Water fun pics!
I love the next two pictures. Cali found her little shadow:)
Aubrey & Ella decided to pretend this little airplane was a rollercoaster and screamed throughout the duration of their flight Yea for parks with splash pads! I think we will practically be living here this summer:)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Well, looky looky

Check out what came in the mail today. . .

Looks like the squeaky wheel does get the oil. 2 free sundaes for me! In your face Mr. Manager!! I hope you got a good spank! :) he he

Memorial Day Breakfast

Bright n early yesterday morning, our ward had a Memorial Day Breakfast and Fun Run. I am on the activities committee so I had the pleasure of flipping pancakes almost the whole time. Joy. Melissa rescued me part way through it though, so I could spend time with my family in the short time they were here. She knew they were leaving right after, so I was so grateful for that! Thanks Melissa, you're awesome! Anyways, after the fun run and breakfast, I was in charge of the yard games. We did the egg/spoon race, a potato sack race(using pillowcases, I couldn't find darn potato sacks!), and a game of kickball. It was lots of fun! It was a great morning with our ward family. Can I just say that 5th ward rocks? It does. Its the best ward we've been in! Its so important when you live away from family to have a great ward and we really have been blessed with a great ward here. Lots of great people and good friends!

Aubrey at the playground
Taylor eating his breakfast like a good boy
Go Aubrey go! She did great. Ella wouldn't do either race.

Ella preferred climbing things with her buddy, Dax, instead of playing the games:)
Pillowcase race
View of my butt in a line of butts cooking the pancakes. Can you guess which one is mine? Hint: its very flat and looks as if its imploding. Tara and Cali posing for a pictureHey kicker, kicker, kick!
Joey and Ella in ready position

Cali was tuckered out when we got home and found Grandpas shoulder to rest on:) Is this not the sweetest picture?
I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good times with the Smiths

My family came to visit this weekend(hooray!). We crammed as much fun into two days as we possibly could. I think we wore those guys out:) Saturday was my Mom's birthday so we decided to go to the Parade of Homes here(we Smith girls love to go to those for decorating ideas), then we went home and chilled out while Joey and the kids went swimming. Then we went to a nearby camping area to roast good ole hot dogs and some s'mores for dinner. It was nice to just spend some time outdoors together and make some "camping" memories(even though we really didn't camp, but it still had that camp feeling, ya know?). Then we celebrated my Mom's birthday at home with cake, icecream, song and spankings(j/k). Happy belated Birthday Mom and also a very belated Happy Birthday to my brother Mark, whose birthday was earlier this month. Hope you both enjoyed your special days! We love you!

Thanks everyone for making the trip up here! We loved being with you and we miss you already. Here are some pics from the visit. . .

Friday, May 23, 2008

Back to Pool

Get it? Its like "back to school" but with a "p." :) I kill myself.... Anyways, the community pool opened up and the kids found out(darn it:) and have been begging us to go. Now that the weather is summer-like, the pool sounded pretty good the other afternoon, so we headed off with our towels, swimsuits, and the must-have goggles. The kids had so much fun, especially Cali. Its her first time to really be old enough to play at the pool and she really enjoyed herself.

Before we left, Cali decided to boogie board on our floor

Getting her feet wet
I like this!
Are we cute or what?
Goggly-eyed Aubrey ready to swim!
I love this profile picture of Ella. She is beautiful! And I just love her curls.

A hug for Mama. I don't know why I didn't walk a little closer to her. I think I thought Joey was zooming in more when he took the picture? I don't know. But I do know I look hilarious bending over like that.
Cali got some surf lessons from a real surf legend, her Daddy
Little burritos, all wrapped up and ready to go

Me and my cuddlebunny. And yep, Cali is a finger sucker just like her sister Ella was. Different fingers though, Cali likes to suck her right thumb and index finger together(Ella sucked her left index finger). Its really quite cute though. She does it when shes getting sleepy.
Yea for community pools! This is our first home where we are in an HOA with a pool right in the neighborhood. When you're living in this area, its a huge plus! It gets soooo hot here in the summer and its a huge blessing to have a nice pool to go and take your family to.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This past weekend, after Ella's recital, we all went to McDonald's for dinner and treats. I ordered a hot fudge sundae and this is what I got(I added the nuts on top).A cup of vanilla icecream that is half way melted with a couple of squirts of hot fudge on top. A piece-of-crap sundae is what I call it. Below is the picture from McDonald's website of what a hot fudge sundae should look like.
Do you see any difference between the two pictures? Oh yeah. Why wasn't my chocolate oozing down the sides? Why wasn't there a beautiful mountain peak of icecream on top? Those were the questions running through my mind. So, what did I do you ask? I went back to the register and asked politely for more chocolate. Tara even took a picture of me talkin to the guy. . .The guy stared at me with the blankest stare ever and rudely said, "That costs extra." I thought to myself -why should it cost extra to put something on the sundae that should've already been there? I said something back like, "You can't give one more pump of chocolate? This doesn't even look like a sundae. " He repeated back, "Costs extra. " Okay, I heard ya the first time, you can't come up with anything else to say? Seriously dude, you can't give a girl a little more chocolate? What happened to the customer is always right? I even winked at him and batted my eyelashes. I was even wearing my low cut shirt for crying out loud! :) I guess I don't got it goin on like I used to.... sigh...

Well, I contacted McDonalds(wha ha ha ha! I'm evil, I know) and I hope this guy is reprimanded soon. No one, and I mean no one denies me more chocolate. Big mistake dude, big mistake.

Ok, maybe I have issues with food.....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We love Wii!

I never blogged about it, but we got a Wii for Christmas this year. We love the Wii! It is so fun! I love how you have to actually move your body to play the games and sports. Then I don't feel as guilty when I let the kids play for a while:) At least their getting a little exercise, right?

When Joey's parents were here a couple of weeks ago, we introduced them to it(I think it was your first time to play it, right?). The kids had fun teaching their Nana and Tata. . .

And the Wii Fit has just come out-woohoo! We need to get our hands on one of those bad boys soon. Maybe it will inspire me to actually become fit. My weight loss program just ended a month ago(nursing Cali:) I may also join the Y soon. There is a lot of flab that I need to turn to steel... and pronto, because this mush-mush sure ain't pretty.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A taste of summer

It has suddenly warmed up here in Texas-its been in the nineties the past couple of days!(and it snowed here last month, weird right?) It feels like summer already(much to my dismay-I like Spring weather much more, come back Spring!) Anyways, we decided to turn on the sprinklers for the kids to play in this past weekend. The kids had a blast running through them. Ella was the most excited and just ran right through them screaming and skipping and dancing. Aubrey was the more hesitant one and took a while to finally get wet. "Its too cold!" she said at first:) Then we sat Cali on the ground next to one of the sprinklers and she had fun putting her fingers in the water. She got soaking wet and she loved it! When I carried her into the house, I said, "Cali did you have a good time?" She just smiled and then did this little full body shiver. Despite all the excitement, I think she was ready to get dry:) It was a fun afternoon. Joey and I even got in on the action and ran through the sprinklers too. Hey, there are some things you are never too old for!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lollipop, Lollipop, Oh Lolly Lolly Lolly

Last night was Ella's Spring Dance Recital. It was a tap routine to the song Lollipop(which is the song I performed to when I was little, cool huh?) It was just adorable. The costumes were gorgeous and the routine was perfect for the song. Ella did an AWESOME job! Anyone thats knows my girls, knows they are a little bit shy. Performing in front of an audience isn't an easy thing for them(or for me for that matter!). But not only did Ella do her routine amazingly well, she even threw out a few smiles(I bribed her I admit:) I told her if she smiled we would not only let her pick out where we would eat dinner, but she could have whatever dessert she wanted too:) She picked McDonalds and wanted an icecream cone. She was easy to please! We are so proud of you Ella. You made me and Daddy smile so big last night!

Getting all primped for the showIsn't she beautiful?
Daddy's tradition is to give flowers to his girls after the show. She told me earlier that day she hoped she would get purple flowers. He didn't disappoint:) Nana & Tata also had flowers and a bear delivered that day. It was so sweet-thanks!
Big sis & lil sis. Aubrey was proud of Ella too.
The five of us
Aunt Tara made the trip up here to see the recital too. Ella was so happy to have her there! Thanks for coming Tara. We loved having you with us this weekend!
My bud, Melissa, and her oldest son, Dax, also came and watched. She somehow managed to not be in any pictures though, you sneaky girl you:) It meant a lot to Ella and all of us that you took the time to come and watch! Dax even walked up to Ella afterwards and said, "You did a great job Ella." It was so cute.
It was a great night! Thanks everyone that helped make Ella's day so special!