Friday, May 23, 2008

Back to Pool

Get it? Its like "back to school" but with a "p." :) I kill myself.... Anyways, the community pool opened up and the kids found out(darn it:) and have been begging us to go. Now that the weather is summer-like, the pool sounded pretty good the other afternoon, so we headed off with our towels, swimsuits, and the must-have goggles. The kids had so much fun, especially Cali. Its her first time to really be old enough to play at the pool and she really enjoyed herself.

Before we left, Cali decided to boogie board on our floor

Getting her feet wet
I like this!
Are we cute or what?
Goggly-eyed Aubrey ready to swim!
I love this profile picture of Ella. She is beautiful! And I just love her curls.

A hug for Mama. I don't know why I didn't walk a little closer to her. I think I thought Joey was zooming in more when he took the picture? I don't know. But I do know I look hilarious bending over like that.
Cali got some surf lessons from a real surf legend, her Daddy
Little burritos, all wrapped up and ready to go

Me and my cuddlebunny. And yep, Cali is a finger sucker just like her sister Ella was. Different fingers though, Cali likes to suck her right thumb and index finger together(Ella sucked her left index finger). Its really quite cute though. She does it when shes getting sleepy.
Yea for community pools! This is our first home where we are in an HOA with a pool right in the neighborhood. When you're living in this area, its a huge plus! It gets soooo hot here in the summer and its a huge blessing to have a nice pool to go and take your family to.


-Melissa- said...

I loove out community pool. I think we have gone almost everyday this week. I think we will be spending a lot of time there this summer. cute pics. It looks like everyone had fun.

Jan said...

Oh, love the family pool pictures! I suspect we will be doing a lot more pool time this year as well. Last year Mason was not so big that we were very comfortable with it -- but now Circle C has the baby pool up and running and Mason is older. Fun times!

Grammy Staffy said...

Your pictures are great.... and YES all of you Duenas girls are beautiful. I just wish I could really meet you.

Doesn't T-Mobile need to send Joey to So. Cal. on a business trip? You could all come and stay at the Staffy Inn. My pool is so lonesome for company!

Have a good day. Tell your sweet girls that I think they are darling.... you too!


Fun pool day and no poo, LUCKY! Your girls are the cutest!

Lynell said...

Back to Pool. Oh I get it. hee hee

Yes you girl are so cute. We are actually freezing to death here. So sad. I can't wait for an outing to the pool. What fun!!

Wendy said...

I love taking the kids to the pool. We have been waiting for ours to open- for some reason they think we have to have lifeguards so it is only open on the weekends and when school is out. I am excited to see how Paige will like the water- so far she hates the sprinkler. I love your bathing suite BTW. Have a great weekend!

Sarah said...

looks like fun! it's been perfect weather for some pool time. cali is so cute with her fingers in her mouth, and all wrapped up and cozy with you. :)

Emily said...

Isn't it roasting hot outside lately. That blasted humidity has me sweating up a storm! ;P

becki said...

holly-you crack me up. your sense of humor is just like mine. so funny.
glad you like the pool. i myself love our apartment pool, but have yet to go, don't want all the girls to be jealous of my sexy body. so richard takes the girls. someday i'll get skinny and brave the water!!

Emily said...

Hey Holly, Is there someone in your ward that I could get my cooking classes info to -- to spread the word?

Jori said...

Well now, doesn't that look like fun? I love swimming with the kiddo's they have such a great time. You guys sure are cute!

tiburon said...

Sooo fun! Looks like a great time. We love our community pool too - they are the bomb!

Mindi said...

no community pool here--i just mooch off my rich friends!!

your suit is darling--you are a dish!!

Erica said...

What an awesome day. This post really made me miss Texas and our community pools. Sad. Maybe I will have to shell out the serious cash and join the public pool here, which kind of disgusts me but then I see how much fun you guys had and maybe the gonorrhea is worth it.