Friday, June 06, 2008

Sarah tagged me!

Where is your cell phone? hmmmm...I don't know...ask Joey-I'm always looking for that thing:)

Your significant other? Joey

Your hair? needs a cut

Your mother? sweet, perdy, and the best homemaker ever

Your father? very smart and hardworking

Your favorite thing? laughter

Your dream last night? not telling....

Your favorite drink? root beer

Your dream/goal? to be an extra in a movie. I just want to be able to say, "Thats me!"

The room you're in? living room

Your hobby? blogging, playing tennis, baking, reading

Your fear? public speaking, animals, fires

Where do you want to be in 6 years? 2 more kids, house with a bigger yard and another bedroom

Where were you last night? here

What you're not? boring(well, I try not to be)

Muffins? chocolate chip

One of your wish list items? tile in bathroom(currently there is old carpet which grosses me out. other peoples pee is embedded in there-ewww)

Where you grew up? the Bluff

The last thing you did? ate a piece of leftover cake from the blog party

What are you wearing? my birthday suit(just kidding! just trying not to be boring:)

Your pets? a fishy named Dasher

Your TV? not too shabby

Your computer? mi amigo

Your life? fun

Your mood? happy

Missing someone? my mom

Your car? sexy & black

Something you're not wearing? makeup

Favorite Store? Target, Old Navy, Half Price Books-I couldn't narrow it down to just one!

Your Summer? Disneyland here we come!

Like Someone? yep

Favorite Color? green !)

Last time you laughed? a couple of hours ago at Cali's new silly face she was making at dinner.

Last time you cried? a few days ago. I don't remember why. Its that time of the month(TMI!)

Most happy family is happy. Or when I'm eating something really yummy. Its a toss up:)

I tag my lil sis.


Grammy Staffy said...

It is always fun learning more about my sweet blogging friend, Holly.

Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog today. I left a thankyou comment for you under the one you left but you might not see thanks again.

I've been down today.... I don't know why (it is not that time of month for me anymore!)... and it is dumb of me....but my blog friends have helped to cheer me up.

Yeah for my blog friends!!!!

Jan said...

Fun list! Loved reading it -- and you always make me smile.

-Melissa- said...

You always make me laugh! That is why I love reading your blog. :)

hoLLy said...

lura-you're welcome. i'm glad i could help you cheer up in some way!

Tara D. said...


Tara D. said...

I meant, Ughreat! Thanks Holly! LOVE YOU

hoLLy said...

nice recovery. :) hey, i like your new side picture. looks more like you than the last. you lookin like a hottie!

Tara D. said...

Thanks! Glad you like it. Can you tell I'm just trying to add as many comments as possible to become #1 on your comment list? hee hee I want to see my name on the top so badly!

Suzie said...

One thing you aren't: boring.

Love it!

Kim said...

Very fun and creative answers. Loved reading all of them! It's my time of the month too, which is my excuse for getting emotional over Aubrey...that and the fact that I just love your kids!

Now back to cleaning my house!!! :(

Sarah said...

thanks for doing that! i love how un-boring you are. :) truly!

Erica said...

You are awesome!! I can never learn enough about you.

The Bright Family said...

Root Beer yah! yah!