Thursday, July 24, 2008

California! Day 5

Our fifth day in Cali was spent relaxin and chillaxin at Salt Creek beach with the West Family(Joey's sisters fam). Their one year old son, Elliot, is seriously one of the cutest little boys on the planet! And I'm not just saying that because we are related. See the pictures below for proof. Cutest. Little. Boy. Ever. We also did some swimming that day. It was fun to just sit back and relax after our 3 days of major booty hauling around the Magical Kingdom.

Elliot loved our girls. Hes at that age where he is shy with unfamiliar adults, but not with the kids. The girls just love him! They are telling me they want a baby brother now. We'll see about that. . .:) I'm so glad Elliot let me hold him the last day:) Thanks Elliot for throwing me a bone!
Cutie pie Elliot in the sand

Tata, Nana & Cousins Ella, Elliot, Cali & Aubrey

Joey coming in from his surf session lookin all studly.

Look Mom! Seaweed with flies hovering around it! Yummy.

In the evening, an old friend of Joey's from way back when, invited us over to his families home for dinner. I don't think Joey had seen Tyler since highschool, so I was happy to see him catch up with a buddy. I also enjoyed meeting his wife, Lori-she is so sweet and so cute. She is just 2 weeks away from delivering their 4th child(and didn't look it one bit!) and she still allowed us to come over and eat their food. Props to you Lori:) I might've told my husband "No way!" :) And their kids were so adorable and so friendly to our kids. Our girls had lots of fun playing with them.

Joey and Tyler, buds since Elementary School

Cali decided to bust out her skateboarding skillz while we were there

The kids had fun playing at the park together

Check it out-our baby is smarter than yours! :) She did a rubix cube in under 3 minutes! Okay, it was really Joey's friend, Tyler. It was amazing to watch him do it. I could never. He said he learned some sort of algorithm. I don't even remember what the word algorithm means. Something to do with math I'm sure. . . :)

Thanks so much for dinner and for a great time Cook family! You guys rock!


becki said...

you're such a fun story teller-your comments make me crack up-i've enjoyed going to cali with you.

Tara D. said...

Elliot is sooooo cute! And I'm glad Joey got to meet up with his bud. The picture of them together was so sweet. You can tell how happy they were to see eachother after so many years. :)

-Melissa- said...

Looks like another fun day in California. Elliot is a cutie! I wish we lived closer to the beach. Maybe one day I can take my boys to the beach. I know they would love it.

Patty said...

Hey, the beach in California is nicer than ours! It was neat seeing one of Joey's old school mates. Elliot is a cutie pie!


hoLLy said...

yep, the water is bluer, the waves are bigger, there are cliffs, palm trees and less seaweed. however, the water is freakin cold! i love corpus' warm water. i wish you could transfer the warmer water to the prettier scenery.

Sarah said...

how fun! i'm going to have to show dave the pic of joey with his board. he'll be so jealous. sounds like you guys partied hard that week!

Mindi said...

i love disneyland more than life itself. cali is awesome and those little kiddies looked like they were having the times of their lives!

btw: i took my kids to the beach for the FIRST TIME this past november--katie was 13.


cyndi/mom/nana said...

This was such a fun day. Now I know how much walking my son did as a teenager. I used to just drop him off at the top of the hill. No wonder he loved this spot it was gorgeous a perfect weather day. I miss it, not the cold water just the view. Joey was in his element for sure. Glad he was able to surf.


It is great to have friends that no matter how long apart you are, you can always pick right back up where you left it. Great Beach pics!