Sunday, July 27, 2008

California! Day 6, Elliot's Luau

In the evening of our last day, we were able to party it up luau-style for my nephew, Elliot's, first birthday. Once again, the luau did not disappoint! Joey's parents had come out to California and so all of the authentic Chamorro goodness was there: Kahlua pork, Chamorro-style pork ribs, chicken kelaguin, lumpia, shrimp patties, red rice, hawaiian bread, and other yummy yummy food. You seriously haven't lived until you've had Joe's ribs! I am so glad I married a Chamorro and that I get to enjoy all of these awesome traditions and great food!

The Grandpas bringin in the pig

All of the kids were fascinated by the pig. My girls kept trying to look in its rear or pick its nose. I've taught them well.

The birthday boy and his Mommy and Daddy.

Cali enjoyed her Hawaiian Bread.

The dancers came out and Elliot was seriously in a trance. He liked those girls shakin their hips:)

Genie and Elliot got pulled from the audience to participate. Elliot just kept staring at those beautiful girls:)

Cali found Nana's shoulder to cuddle on.

Ella watching from her seat while the dancers were teaching the Hula.

Cali managed to pull Joey's lei around her neck.

The cake was super cute, but there were 4 things that stood out. . .need a hint?

Heres your hint... I apologize in advance for making this a PG-13 post, but I could not resist! This is too funny not to post. That cake decorator sure was creative.

The cake was delicious! Elliot dug right in.

Then the kids played behind the fence in a forest of sticks. They got all stick crazy. See the look in Aubrey's eyes? Thats plain stick crazy.

Look what I found Dad! Joey was out there taking pictures. If it had been me, I would've made them put those eye-pokers down. Good thing I never found out. I would've spoiled all the fun!

Even Elliot got in on the stick action

Auntie Nikki and Cali spent some quality time together.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLIOT! We are so glad we were able to help celebrate your very first birthday. We are so grateful you are in our family now and we love you so much! Thanks to Joey and Aaron's parents for putting together such a fantastic luau. It was a great party!! We miss you guys!

And thats the California vacation wrap up!


Patty said...

It looks like you guys had fun. I know the luaus that we have had here were great! Joey's parents sure know how to throw a party!!

cyndi/mom/nana said...

Thanks for posting these pictures they are very cute and colorful. It was nice having everyone there missed Watson, Crissie and Lucy. I loved the kids expressions and the dancers were great as well as their costume changes. You always pick the best music background. Thanks for making the sacrifice to celebrate with us all. Happy 1st Birthday again Elliot Thomas West.

Rebecca said...

What beautiful pics and an amazingly cool tradition.

-Melissa- said...

Joey's family knows how to party! Looks like a fun time for everybody.

Anonymous said...

awww, is it done already? i was having such fun living the vacation through you :) melissa's right - theysure do know how to do it up right. cake and everything ;)

Grammy Staffy said...

What a fabulous birthday for Elliot. Do you think you could adopt Grampy and me so we could come to your next first year birthday party?

For our grandchildren's first year we give them a cup cake, help them blow out the candle, sing happy birthday, take pictures, open a few gifts and call it good. We surely get off easy compared to your Charmoro family.

we are still with our Utah kids but will leave Tues. I'm already sad at the thought of it.

Have a good day. Love, Lura

Shankar said...

So where are the rest of the photos of the dancers? Not all your readers are married women with children and grandchildren, you know.

Tara D. said...

Ah Shankar, you're a naughty boy, you. lol I love the pictures, and your text even more. I'm glad you didn't spoil the kids' stick fun; even gladder (yes, I know that's not a word) that no one got their eyes poked. :)

Jennifer said...

I'm telling you, I was born into the wrong family! I need a luau for my 30th next year.

Jan said...

What a blast! I love it - - such fun family times!

The Bright Family said...

I'm going to have to sensor your blog now from my kids!! :) Fun luau . . . wish we had been invited to that one!! :)

Mindi said...

how cool that you have all that great heritage that you get to celebrate!!

i must admit i'm a wee bit green with envy! it looked like it was a blast--good for you