Sunday, July 27, 2008

Is it me?

My three closest friends here(Melissa, Sarah & Katie) all have "For Sale" signs in their yard:( Me very sad.

Does it sound like coincidence that all of the sudden all 3 of my favorite hang-out friends are moving? I think not. These are the top ten questions running through my mind. . .

1. Do I have B.O.?

2. Was it something I said?

3. What, you don't like it when I tickle you?

4. Do I frighten you at times?

5. You don't like it when I pick my nose while you talk to me?

6. Can't we all just get along?

7. How will I live without you?

8. Does it scare you when I talk to myself?

9. Have you found someone new?

10. And last but not least....don't you love me anymore??????
I don't want to hear the "Its not you, its me" line. I've heard that before. . .gimme answers people! :)
Okay, in all seriousness, I love you guys and I am so sad you will be moving. I just wanted to publicly say I wish you the best wherever your life's journeys take you, which hopefully will be back to me someday:) When you do move(which hopefully isn't too soon, I've cursed your houses so no one will buy them, hee hee!), I'll miss you like crazy!


Patty said...

How sad! You've got some good friends Holly. I hate to hear that they are all moving. I think it might be reason #5!

jOeY said...


I feel bad for you honey. Don't worry, it's not #1. You're not es stinky.

P.S. Let me know when they have a showing and me and the YM will go TP their house.

Sarah said...

aww, totally made me smile! thanks holly - you're the best! i'm so glad i was online so i could be the first to post! yay! now, to answer...
1. only sometimes
2. it was the cake...
3. it wasn't the tickles - love that part!
4. only late at night
5. it only bothers me when you eat it :)
6. we'll just have to keep on trying. hopefully the counseling will start helping
7. you won't - you'll have to move to california to survive, and melissa too! (okay, maybe we'll just have to talk on the phone all the time and blog even more than we already do, and plan some really awesome trips!)
8. only when you answer back
9. i didn't want to tell you, but while you were on vacation....
10. i do love you! what's not to love?? except the nose picking, b.o., scary conversations, rude comments...j/k!
for real, holly, i will TOTALLY miss you. thanks for the curse. i'm kinda hoping it sticks! (i can't really hope it sticks, cause that wouldn't be so good for dave, but i can kinda hope it sticks!)

Sarah said...

okay, so maybe i took to long to post and wasn't the first, but almost!
joey, now i know who to call the cops on. he, he!

Jessica said...

You are too funny! Can I just say that Aubrey is a favorite--love that girl!!!

-Melissa- said...

do I have to answer them all?!!

while you were on vacation Sarah, Katie, and I got together and decided we had enough. We could not take the b.o smell, nose picking, the mindless self talk, and the tickling was just too much. We could continue to go on, but for the sake of all those reading this the camel's has been broken.

Of the three of us I drew the short straw and I have to stay the closest.

But, really I'm glad I get to stay close to you. I honestely don't know what I would do without out you. I am so lucky to have such a sweet friend.

Marie Rayner said...

It's always sad when good friends move away, but the nice thing is that you get to send a little piece of your heart with them wherever they go. :-)

Tara D. said...

Aw, I'm sorry Holly. That really stinks. So, am I to understand that Melissa will still be close enough to hang out with??? If not, I'm not THAT far away, we'll just have to hang out more often. :) Hang in there, sis. Love the post btw, very funny. It made me giggle.

mamapickle said...

ok what is it that I am always the last to find out about the moves! Is there a blogger friend curse going on here?

Jennifer said...

I'm bummed they're moving too! I'll be your bestest friend Holly! We don't need them kidding! We need hooo!

hoLLy said...

mom-you are mean! :)
joey-thanks for telling me i don't stink. thats why i married you.
sarah-you are so funny! your comment made me laugh...and cry...:)
jess-thanks:) aubrey is a sweetie i agree!
melissa-you better stay close!
marie-it is sad, but you are right. i hope they never forget me. i am quite unforgettable:)
tara-melissa "says" she is staying in the area. i'm holding her to that!
nicole-i think there is a curse too. you aren't moving anytime soon are you?
jennifer-you are funny! are you kidding about wanting to be my bestest friend or kidding about not needing the others? i hope just the latter:)

Jan said...

Oh, how I hate it when friends move. It just hurts your heart. Sigh.

tiburon said...

Awww that is so sad! :(

The Bright Family said...

if it was me . . . the nose picking would have sent me away--sorry! :)

Cindy said...

That's really sad. I know how much you really enjoy and care for them.....

Jori said...

We are seriously considering Texas for our next home. I will cozy right up to you, b.o. and all!:)

cyndi/mom/nana said...

Holly, what did you do? j/k I'm saddened to hear your friends are moving such good friends. Thank goodness you'll still be able to blog with them and just think now you have other places you can chart on your maps of visits. Good luck to everyone in their search of a new place to live it's both scarry and exciting. Travel safe everyone. What will happen to your fan club for the Jonas Brothers?

Katie said...

Holly, you are the best! How are we ever going to survive without you. You are the life of the party. I think we're going to have to fly you out weekly so that we can have girls night out. Seriously you're one of those great people in life that makes every day more fun.