Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall Carnival

This past weekend Joey and Cali were sick, so just me and the older girls went to Aubrey's school carnival. We missed having Daddy and Cali with us:( But it was nice to get to spend some quality time with just my older two. The carnival this year was awesome! Way better than last year-not that last years wasn't good, but this years had so much more and seemed more organized. They had so many games, booths, bounce houses, a rock wall, a petting zoo, face painting, cake walk, you name it!

Here is Aubrey and her friend Caroline at the petting zoo area. Ella lasted about 2 minutes before freaking out and begging to get outta there:) She didn't like the sudden movements of the animals near her feet. I think the geese experience at Town Lake scarred her for life.
Caroline held a rabbit while Aubrey pet him. I was proud of Aubrey because sometimes she can be afraid of animals. She loved this rabbit!

Look Mom, I'm even petting a goat!

Aubrey concentrating very hard on the cake walk

Ella digging for treasure/fossils at the Dino Booth
Score! We just won two items that will be in the quarter bin at our next garage sale! Yippee! :)
Riley & Aubrey(This is the boy that invited her to lunch a couple of months back. Not too shabby Aubrey! :) You could tell he thinks the world of Aubrey(and she seems to fancy him too). It was so cute to watch! Hes definitely got good taste if I do say so myself:) .
Bounce house fun

Ella doing her usual stomach slide. Facing forward still worries her:)
Tats for everyone! I'm such a good mom(I actually call them body stickers to make myself feel better:)
Going fishing.
After 4 tries, Aubrey won us cupcakes at the cake walk! Thanks Aub! Lesson learned that night: Determination=free cake.

Ella showing off her sparkly dolphin face painting.

It was a fun evening! Hopefully next year Joey and Cali will be there with us. I hate that the holidays are not only a time for fun memories and togetherness, they are also a time of sickness, viruses and the flu. Bummer. They are both on the mend though, so thats good. We missed you guys!


jOeY said...


Wish we could have gone. Oh well, there is always next year...

cyndi/mom/nana said...

Tata said do you have a share of your cupcakes for him? love Love LOVE the pictures. Everyone looks like they had a great time. Sorry daddy and Cali weren't feeling well. Aubrey and Ella I'm glad you got to spend time with mommy.

Moon Devious said...

I'm sorry Joey and Cali weren't feeling well. I know the feeling! But it looks like you guys had lots of fun!! :)

Rebecca said...

It looks like so much fun! I'm glad they had a good time and that everyone is on the mend.

Jan said...

Ooh, fun! I love those kinds of things -- hopefully everyone is feeling better by now.

-Melissa- said...

How fun! Looks like you guys had a great time. I don't know why my mom's school carnival didn't have a cake walk or fish pond. I love those kinds of things. :)

Kristi said...

Oh me, oh my! That is one sah-weet fall Festival! It looks like you had fun with the girls. I love the picture of Aubrey and Riley--that cracks me up. They are adorbale!!

Tara D. said...

Aw, that Riley is a cute little boy, and yes, he has great taste. :) I'm glad Joey and Cali are feeling better, I have been a little under the weather also. This weekend was no fun for me!


Sad that you couldn't be together as a family, but it looks like you still managed to have fun! Love the candid pics! I miss the carnival and the crazy carneys!