Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ward Christmas Brunch

This past Saturday morning, our ward at church had a Christmas Brunch. We had breakfast casseroles, pastries and hot chocolate followed by a Christmas message from the Bishop and the Primary children singing Christmas songs. It was a really enjoyable morning. So many people from the ward came out. Our ward had an "Angel Tree" out in the hallways of church for a couple of weeks prior to the Brunch where you could select something to donate to a family less fortunate. We brought all of the gifts unwrapped to the party and wrapped them together afterwards and took them to these families and sang carols. It was a neat experience and a fun way to do service together as a ward. I love how our Bishopric makes sure that we incorporate a service project in our Christmas activities. We did it this year and last and it really makes the activity more memorable and special. After all, thats what Christmas is about-giving and being Christlike. Here are pictures from the party...and from the marshmallow war that ensued...

Ella and her friend enjoying some hot cocoa together
Cali stroller-bound. We let her run free for awhile, but we got tired of chasing her, so we had to be mean and tie her down:)
The children singing their Christmas songs for us. They did a fantastic job!
While the adults were wrapping gifts, I helped with the marshmallow throw to keep the kids occupied(I'm on the activities committee). It was a HIT and the kids had a blast throwing marshmallows at the bishopric snowmen.

Heres Aubrey trying her hand at it.

Here goes Ella.

Then the adults got into it. The men in particular. They had more fun chuckin marshmallows at each other than the kids did:) Marshmallows were everywhere! I even got smacked by one in the head.
This picture just cracks me up. One of the wives is confiscating the marshmallows from her husband:)Katie and I were the marshmallow police. We tried to run the marshmallow game the best we could but it got a little out of control once the men got involved. Then is was an all-out marshmallow war. It was fun though:) Everyone was laughing.

The gift-wrapping scene

And this is just a really cute picture Joey took of a mom helping a little boy pick up a gift. Joey takes pictures of the activities for me to put on the church bulletin board(one of my activities committees jobs that I need to stop slacking on. I haven't updated the board in a while-oopsie! Sorry guys! I'll get on it.)

I love our ward!


jOeY said...

That was a blast. Marshmallow wars...I highly recommend them! :o)

Marie Rayner said...

That looks like a lot of fun Holly!!! I think we should so something like this in our Ward next year!! Especially the throwing the marshmallows at the Bishopric bit!! (Todd is on the Bishopric and I just know he'd love this!) I admire you for being on the activities committee. Not an easy calling at all!

-Melissa- said...

that was a great ward activity. I love that each year we do a service project together as a ward. cute pictures!

Jan said...

Your ward looks wonderful. It's so great to be in a ward where you really find your place and feel at home.

tiburon said...

Oh that looks like so much fuN! My ward doesn't do anything for the holidays.

They are lame!

Tara D. said...

That marshmallow game and war looked like so much fun! I miss the Christmas parties at church. I also loved the picture of one of the wives taking the marshmallow away from her hubby. Priceless! :)

Emily said...

The marshmallow game looks like fun!

Me said...

I love your ward too!! We're moving to McKinney. WHat fun! I have never been to a ward C-mas brunch. The angel tree, wrapping presents, marshmallow fights and ward bonding sound divine! How fun!

cyndi/mom/nana said...

I love this activity what a great idea. I kept picturing everyone stepping on the marshmallows and dragging them around but oh what fun looks like was had by all. Congratulations on another successful ward activity.

Grammy Staffy said...

Looks like a great party...way to go activity committee!!!

Merry Christmas with love

Grammy Staffy said...

ps. I have a Christmas message I'd like to share with you on my post. I hope you can drop by and read it.

Luv ya

Suzie said...

Love to see all the things you and your family have been up to.
Your family photos are amazing. Beautiful family!

Love the marshmallow fight and the photo of the confiscating wife.

Patty said...

That marshmallow throw looked like a lot of fun. You have a friendly and fun Ward!!