Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas in Corpus

We headed to Corpus Christi on Christmas Eve to visit our families. It was nice having our own Christmas at home and then getting to have it again with our family down South. 2 Christmases, what could be better?! Its great having both families in the same place, but that also means we have to split everything up. So, here is half of Christmas Day at Joey's parents and half the day with mine:)

One of the first things we did was meet the newest addition to the family, Shelby Alyssa Youngberg. Isn't she beautiful? There is definitely a family resemblance! She was born December 17 and we love her so much! She is Joey's sister, Nikki's, daughter. Don Roy and & Kai are so excited to have a little sister now! And I know Nikki & Don are so happy to finally have a girl. Now, we just gotta get ourselves a boy:)
Here are Aubrey and Ella opening gifts at Nana & Tata's. Notice Aubrey's face as she realizes what it this present is. . .
American Girl dolls! This was a big surprise! Aubrey received "Kitt" and Ella received "Ruthie." These characters are best friends in the American Girl books which I think was perfect for them.
Aubrey was, of course, the most excited. She is old enough to understand how nice and how special these dolls are. She kept her doll, Kitt, in her lap for an entire hour just staring at her. It was so sweet. Aubrey just couldn't believe she had one! She was very grateful for it and kept saying, "I can't believe I have an American Girl doll!" Joey's mom loves dolls and has a collection of them. I could see the excitement in her eyes as she watched the girls open these dolls. She was thrilled to get to share her love of dolls with her granddaughters.
And yes, they even got Cali one. It is one of the American Girl Bitty Babies. Yes, Joeys parents love to SPOIL! :)
Ella was so funny. She put her dolls shoes by her own shoes at the front door:)
Here is Joey's mom hanging the Wizard of Oz ornament we bought her. Every year we get her a new one. She LOVES the Hallmark collection of Wizard of Oz ornaments. This year was the Scarecrow.
Here is Joey's dad doing a happy dance after he opened his present-a Wii! (from his wife). He loves that Wii. Its fun to watch him play it with the kids.

Joey made his Dad a shirt with all 9 of the grandkids pictures. Joe loves shirts with his grandkids on it and with all of the new additions in the past couple of years, he needed a new one! Joey did a great job designing it, with a little help from me of course:)
And here are the pictures from my parents house.....
Everyone up bright n early!
Yessss! The kids were really excited to get one of their wish-list items from Grandma and Grandpa. It was the Littlest Petshop Electronic Diaries. They are voice activated so that no one can read their secret thoughts, but them. :)
Cali opening her present from her Aunt Tara. A super soft Carebear about the size of Cali herself! She has it in her bed and likes to cuddle with it. Thanks Tara!
Here are two of my brothers with a couple of their gifts-a PS3 and a wheel to drive a racecar game. Cool man.
Austin with his new marshmallow gun(could've been handy at our ward activity last month!)
The girls were really excited about this one-a cupcake maker! They had seen this in magazines and REALLY wanted it! Thanks for making their wildest dreams come true Mom and Dad! :)
My mom stuffed the kids stockings with lots of fun stuff and candy. Cali's favorite was this little light up toy. The older girls fell in love with Christmas light-up socks. They had to wear them to school even after Christmas just so they could show their friends.
We also went to my Grandparents home that day for lunch. Here are my grandparents opening their gifts from the family. Everyone did scrapbook pages to make a big scrapbook for them. They have 11 children and over 50 grandchildren and I don't even know how many great-grandkids! So, the book was pretty thick!

And here is my Aunt Cindy with a gift that me, my mom and my sis bought her. A life-sized Edward! :) I know she loved us giving it to her in front of the ENTIRE family:) Sorry Cindy, we had to! Btw, my aunt Cindy is the creator of the Twilight blog. And she is the BIGGEST Twilight fan I know!
Well, that was Christmas Day in a nutshell(a very big nutshell I know). I'm getting close to caught up-yea!


Marie Rayner said...

It does look like you had a wonderful time together. I love dolls myself and would have loved to have been given an American Girl doll when I was a girl. Perhaps one day . . . you never know!! I am a big believer in dreams coming true! You have such a lovely family and are so blessed. Thanks so much for sharing them with each of us!

the duchess said...

Your FIL is so proud of his grandkids t-shirt. So precious. What good memories.

cyndi/mom/nana said...

It's always the best to see Christmas through the eyes of the kids (even the big ones). We love all our grandkids so very much and we are grateful for blessings that allow us to share the holidays. I love watching and hearing the stories of all the adventures the kids have throughout the year. Thanks for posting the beautiful pictures of everyone. Cupcakes sound yummmmy for sure. Great gift for your grandma that's awesome that everyone contributed. We love our gifts as well. Thanks everyone.

-Melissa- said...

Looks like you had a great time with your family. Cute pictures.

Devri said...

Lovely pictures..

Hey my 6 year old got that cupcake maker, what do you think about that frosting?

Anayansi said...

looks like it was a great christmas!

Jan said...

You guys are the luckiest to have repeated Christmases -- how come I never thought of that???

Love the family pics!

Tara D. said...

Hey Devri, that icing was something else, lol. It's funny how nothing ever works like it does on TV. Holly, you're lucky to have so much to post. I'm slacking over here and don't have anything to blog about. :(

Grammy Staffy said...

Wow...your Cindi nana is surely generous!!! two American girl again!!!

I make doll clothes for my granddaughter's American girl dolls but Santa had to bring them their dolls. I bet my granddaughters would like to adopt your nana.

Great pictures...great family...are we both lucky to get two Christmas celebrations!

Have a good week. Love, Lura


love it love it love it. I miss you guys so much - so all the pics help! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas with the family!

Cindy said...

I love the "shoes" picture. And yes, thanks for Flat Edward - I love him. The "blue" room is now "Edward's room"....

Patty said...

It was a fun Christmas. I'm glad we got to be together! I'm glad that the girls loved all their gifts. We had a wonderful time!!

Me said...

What fun times! Your new niece is a QT!!! It was fun watching Cindy blush over Flat Edward! And the g-parents did like their gifts quite well!! That scrapbook turned out beautifully!!