Friday, January 16, 2009

Go Carts, Runny Icing, and Zoo Tycoon

Here are some pictures of time spent with my family over the holidays. One of the things we did was go to Funtrackers and ride some go-carts. We love go-carts! Its something the girls really enjoy. Even my mom rode one(a first for her!)

Hi Grandpa!(the photographer)

Ella looks so teeny behind the wheel:)
All of us

Go Mama!! :)
Just a cute picture of Ella

Another adventure was trying out the Cupcake Maker the girls got for Christmas. Here are Grandma and the girls getting ready to cupcake make!

Here is what the box looked like....perfect cupcakes and smiling faces!

And here is what Ella's turned out like. Poor Ella. Hers didn't turn out quite like the picture on the box. I admit it was my fault. I added to much water to the icing. Sorry Ella!

Once she put the sprinkles on, she was happy and enjoyed it anyways!

Then Aubrey took a turn and her icing turned out much better....probably because Grandma helped her with her icing and not me! Oh, and look at Ella's face as she sees Aubrey's turning out better. She didn't like that one bit. "Hers is better than mine!"

Aubrey tasting the icing.

Sometimes I think the best memories are when things happen the way you didn't plan:) I don't think I'll ever forget that Cupcake Ooze machine. We laughed and laughed. And we will definitely still be using it. We just might use canned icing(or homemade) to put inside of it. Its still a really fun way to ice cupcakes! The kids love it.

Another thing the kids REALLY enjoyed(especially Aubrey-she didn't want to stop!) was playing Zoo Tycoon on the computer with Tara & Taylor. They loved designing their own zoo and having the animals escape and eat the zoo visitors...good times.

Cali and Austin sharing a sweet moment. Cali loves my brothers and would just climb into their laps and sit for a spell:)

Thanks Mom, Dad, Tara, Mark, Austin, Taylor and dogs, Chloe & Bowser for a fabuloso time! We miss you guys!


Me said...

Cute! Icing tastes the same~ no matters! It's a cute cupcake machine and they had fun! We LOVE that go-kart track too! It is so addictive!

Jan said...

The faces tell it all -- everyone had a blast! Love it!

-Melissa- said...

The go carts look like tons of fun. I will have to try that sometime. Glad you guys had a fun time in Corpus.

Tara D. said...

Ella's face when she realizes Aubrey's icing looks better than hers is priceless. lol I miss y'all!

Marie Rayner said...

Loved all the pictures Holly! You and Joey are such great parents. Your girls are lucky to have parents who spend so much time with them. I love the cupcake machine! I bet that is a lot of fun. I would have adored having one of those when I was a girl! I always wanted an easy bake oven, but never got one.

The Freds said...

Ella's face is so cute!! She looks so incrediably sad. Sounds like y'all had so much fun that I'm sure she'll forget the bad part. It was sure a funny picture though. The kids are so cute and family times are so great.

Kristi said...

Awww, I loved all the pictures, but especially of the Girl Gourmet!Brinley got one for Christmas, too and they are so fun, but I completely messed up her first cupcake for her! Whoops! It looks like you guys had a geat time together...

tiburon said...

You people know how to par-tay!