Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little Models

I signed Aubrey & Ella up for a local kids fashion boutique's Spring Fashion Show a couple of weeks ago. It was of course free and I thought it would be fun for them(and good for these shy girls too:) They had so much fun! They loved the clothes and loved modeling them. They were actually able to go to this store(which by the way you will never see me shopping at-way too expensive!) beforehand and "shop" for the outfit they wanted to wear. Seriously, each outfit was at least a hundred bucks, closer to 150 actually. Crazy! They offered 25% off the outfit the child wore, but even with that discount, I wouldn't buy it. You'd have to give me 75% off for me to consider:) They were really cute outfits though. I'm just not going to spend that kind of money on a childs outfit, when they stain, rip, outgrow them and wear them out so quick. Anyways, the Fashion Show was this past Saturday and of course we brought our camera. Check out our little models. . .
Aubrey was a little nervous, but really impressed me with her confidence! You couldn't even tell she was scared.
Ella walked(or should I say ran-she got a little shy!) right after Aubrey so they were together for the "smile." It was really hard for us to get a good picture, but this is the best one we got during the actual runway walk. They were supposed to walk out together(their choice) but I guess Ella got a little nervous and ran out a little late:)

Posing afterwards. My pretty little gals.

Miss Aubrey modeling Flowers by Zoe

Miss Ella modeling Catimini I wasn't sure how they'd do with this, but I'm so glad I put them in it. And they were too. They asked excitedly afterwards, "When is the next fashion show?!"

Great job girls! We are really proud of you. Its not easy to stand up in front of people, whether its modeling, giving a talk or presentation, reading out loud in class, whatever. Its hard for me too! You were the prettiest little girls out there and you really shined! And no, I'm not biased:)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday thoughts, springtime lovelies, and new pillows

Today at church we had a combined meeting the third hour that really inspired me and made me think. We watched a video about John R. Moyle, the man who carved "Holiness to the Lord" on the Salt Lake Temple. I would recommend this video, Only A Stone Cutter, to anyone. It is so touching and inspiring. Click here for a condensed version of the film.

This man was the epitomy of dedication to the Lord and to his calling as a stone mason for the temple. He walked 22 miles each way to the temple every week to work on it. He did this for YEARS! And then after he lost his leg due to a farming accident, he carved a peg leg, and then still made the journey(walking!) to the temple each week. There was a quote in the movie today that really stuck out to me. When he told his wife he planned on continuing his calling as a stone mason, she responded in shock. She told him there are plenty of people that can do that job and that he isn't expected to after his amputation. He then said to her "A calling is seldom convenient"(referring to his church calling.) For those of you reading this who aren't members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a calling is a position of service in our church for which you receive no compensation. You are asked to serve and you either accept or you do not. There is an expectation to serve because we believe these callings are of God. I believe every calling gives blessings, but there is also a great amount of work required. Accepting a calling is accepting a huge responsibility and you are expected to put forth every effort you can. John Moyle went above and beyond and was a great example of this.
Anyways, I have just had a rough week with my new church calling. I am the new Food Storage Specialist(organizing the food storage efforts of the people in our ward-which is roughly 200 people) and I have just struggled with it. I found myself thinking that I honestly hated this calling. I hate to admit it, but I really felt that way this week. So many problems came up this week and I was just so stressed. I was in tears about it Thursday. Everything that could've gone wrong last week, did go wrong. However, after watching this video, I have a new perspective on things. How can I possibly complain about something so simple when this man accomplished so much without complaining? His trials make mine look ridiculous. He could've given up, but he didn't. Even after his leg was amputated, he still kept going. I don't think I could've done that. . .I have a new resolve to give my all to the Lord's kingdom and to serve better. And to also serve with a better attitude!

Changing subjects. . . After church today, we took some pictures of the girls because they just looked so lovely and springy. None of the pictures turned out perfect, but I think they're super cute. Sometimes when pictures don't turn out perfect, I think they are even better!

In this one, Aubrey's eyes are closed. . .
In this one, Ella is looking away. . .

In this one Cali ran away and then was losing her balance between the walkway and the grass. Aubrey thought it was funny and Ella, well, I'm not sure what she is thinking! This picture makes me laugh. . .

Also, I FINALLY bought some decorative pillows and a throw blanket for our bed. This made my day Friday! We'd just had a white comforter and white pillows for the past couple of years. I've been on a hunt for pillows in the colors/style that I like and had never seen any anywhere(that were affordable anyways). Not only did I find some I loved, they were also a great price. Under 10 bucks per pillow. And then that blanket was clearanced to $8.99, regular price $30, so that made me do a happy dance too. I looooove a good deal. Thanks Kohls for making my wildest dreams come true.

You like?

Hope you enjoyed my completely random Sunday post! Just thought I'd throw 3 entirely different things at ya today:) Hope you had a nice quiet Sunday with the ones you love.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cali's birthday party

We celebrated Cali's 2nd birthday when Joey's parents were here visiting last week. We did an Elmo party since that is about the only thing she gets excited about on TV-she is not much of a tv watcher....which is unfortunate:) j/k! My sister was also able to come out and we all had a fun time together. I asked my sister Tara to make Cali's cake because she is a total cake pro now- it turned out AWESOME! We had a fun time eating pizza, cake & icecream and watching our little girl blow out her candles.

The masterpiece. Tara should totally go into business! Go to her blog to check out her other cakes. She is just starting out, but has some natural cake decorating abilities!
Cali smiled so big when she saw her Elmo cake and the decorations.
The first thing she had fun with was her party blower. . .
Then it was time to blow out the candles. . .notice how they were strategically placed in Elmo's nostrils:) He he.
Yea!!! She did it with a little help from Mommy.
Time to dig in. . .
Cali is always happy when she has a treat. Me too. Thats my girl.
The scene
Aubrey really concentrating on her party blower skillz
Ella attached the bunch of balloons to her skirt, said, "I'm the party girl now!" and then struck a pose.
Nana being silly. Don't hate me Cyndi, but this is too funny not to post:)
Tara looking like she is up to no good.
Cali with her new "Sock monkey in a box" from Aunt Tara. It is so cute! Cali loves it. Thanks Tara!

Joey and I & Nana and Tata bought Cali a wooden playhouse for outside. I will post pictures of the construction of it and the kids playing in it soon. . .it is so so cute! Cali had a great birthday party. Thanks to everyone that was there in person and there in heart.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Cali!

Our baby is 2! I can't believe it. I had a hard time when I kissed her goodnight last night. I do every night before one of my kid's birthdays. I feel like when I say goodnight and close the door, I'm saying goodbye to someone. Is that silly? I am just an extremely sentimental person I guess. I get sad when I think about how fast my little ones are growing and how I have no control of it. Time keeps ticking. I just kept thinking to myself, "This is the last time she'll ever be one" and would get all teary:) Silly me.
Cali is a sweetheart. She has added so much to our family-we don't know what we'd do without her! She is so cuddly, so spunky, so sweet, so soft, so funny, so beautiful and so smart. She is always making us laugh and smile, especially lately. She is learning so many words! Its so fun when they start to communicate. Her two newest are "poopoo" and "nake" for naked:) She pointed to a naked barbie last week and said, "nake" and then pointed to her bottom and said "poopoo." It was so hilarious. Aubrey and Ella are lovin it (and encouraging it:) Cali was making us laugh tonight and Ella said, "I'm so glad we have a baby Mama." It was so sweet and I couldn't agree more. Cali is also our most active baby so far:) For example, she constantly climbs on the dining room table and walks around on it, giving me a heart attack each time. She loves to try and sneak up the stairs when someone doesn't close the gate. She loves to sneak food out of the pantry(now we have a lock:) She is a sneaky little girl! She LOVES going outside to play in the backyard and when we drive up to a park she kicks her feet, gets so excited, and yells, "Park!!" She is also shy in her own way, but can also be pretty outgoing. She goes back and forth, which actually reminds me of myself. She loves other kids her age, as long as they aren't hurting her:), and always smiles at them and wants to be their friend. But with most adults she hides her face still. I love watching her little personality grow. She has qualities that remind me of both of her sisters, myself, and her daddy. A perfect little combo. Cali, we love you so much and feel so blessed to have you in our lives. You bring us so much joy and so many giggles! We hope you have a wonderful 2nd birthday! Happy Birthday Cali girl!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Movie Night

One of the nights Joey's parents were here, Joey and I went on a date(A much needed one! Thanks Joey and Cyndi!). While we went on our date, Joey's parents put on a "Movie Night." They took the kids to the store to buy all kinds of goodies beforehand and then the kids set up a ticket booth in our front room. It was so so cute. And a little pricey if you ask me:) We were able to see it all before we left. . .and of course we had to take pictures!
Getting ready for their customers.

That'll be eight bucks Tata. No senior citizen discounts at this theatre:)

Thank you. Enjoy the show.

Then it was time for the movie to start and for Mommy & Daddy to go on their hot date:) We left knowing they were in good hands... and that they would be filled with candy and goodies the whole night. Thats what Grandparents are for, right?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

American Girl Bistro

Saturday morning, Joey's mom surprised us girls with brunch at the American Girl Bistro. The kids were thrilled! We had never eaten there before and it was so cute to see the kids at the table with their dollies:) The food was delicious and it was just a really fun time. Thanks Nana!

Yum! Aubrey & Ella ordered blueberries pancakes, sausage and fresh fruit. They both licked their plates clean. Poor Kit, look at her eyeing Aubrey's food, wishing she was real and could have a bite:) Sorry Kit, you just get to watch us eat-whahahaha!

And Cali enjoyed her strawberry muffins and the Belgian waffles and bacon from her mom's plate:)

Here we are in front of the store. Thanks Joey for going across the street to take our picture! And just fyi, Joey and his Dad didn't dine with us, they went and shopped somewhere manly and then met us afterwards:)

And this picture I had to post because it cracks me up. Joe(Joey's Dad) thought when he walked away he was getting out of the picture. But here he is front and center! :) I'm still laughing. I think he makes a great American Girl model! Love ya Joe! :)

As soon as we got home, the girls were playing with their dolls and all the new doll clothes, shoes and jewelry their Nana & Tata spoiled them with. Ella has changed Ruthie's clothes about fifty times since that shopping trip.

Matching outfits, isn't that the cutest? The kids each got shirts to match their dolls shirts.

These two pictures are just adorable. Of course, my photographer husband Joey took them(my pics don't ever turn out as good!). Aubrey just loves her doll soooo much. Joey captured that love perfectly. . . . a girl and her doll. . . .so sweet!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A day at the park

The weather was absolutely PERFECT over Spring Break. Temps were in the 70s most of the week! I just love Texas weather....well, except in the 110 degree summer. Joey's parents, aka "Nana & Tata" to the kids, came to visit us for a few days. We decided on the first day of their visit to have a picnic and play at one of our favorite new parks. It was a beautiful afternoon. . .

This is the kids favorite part of this park-this thing spins around and around and can get going REALLY fast. Believe me, I got on it and couldn't get it to stop. Needless to say I didn't feel too well after. I use to be able to handle spinning, but I guess I'm gettin old:)

Cali carried around her lunchbag the entire time. She didn't want to let go of it. It was pretty darn cute.
Ella has gotten really good at climbing the rock wall. Here she is saying "I did it Daddy!"

Cali saying hi to her Tata while Nana pushes

Me & Aubrey gave the spinner a go together. I handled it fine because with two people, its actually not too fast. I wasn't screaming that time.

Ella hopping while Aubrey spins (Can you tell Aubrey loves the spinner? :)
The day we went to the park last week, the weather was perfect. Today, however, we are having crazy wind-gusts up to 40mph! I'm sorry but I'm not loving my hair whipping me in my face so hard it stings. Wind go away-I want the Spring Break weather back!