Monday, March 16, 2009

Joey's Par-tay

We celebrated Joey's birthday as a family at home with pizza making and yummy cake and icecream. I had ordered a Little Caesar's pizza kit from Ella's school fundraiser that had little personal pizzas and stuff to top them with. So, we busted these out for Joey's birthday dinner. They were lots of fun to make. They actually weren't outrageously priced and tasted pretty good! So, if anyone ever tries to sell you these, you might wanna give them a whirl.

I just love Ella's face in this picture. I guess she was quite disgusted with the way the sauce oozed out of the package.
Cali putting her cheese into her mouth instead of on her pizza. I guess thats one way to do it:) Look at her sneaky smile.

The birthday boy eating his finished product-of course topped with jalapenos. Joey likes everything spicy(even his wife:)

The cake. Its tradition to always do a kid themed party at our house no matter how old you are. This years them: Cars.

32-wowsers Joey. Gettin old! :) But lookin good!

Aubrey enjoying her cake and icecream
After we ate cake, the kids and I decided that Daddy needed to wear the "Birthday Champ" pin from his cake. Surprisingly no chocolate stuck to it! So, I did the official "pinning" while Aubrey took a picture of the occasion. He was a good sport and wore it all night:)

A hug from Cali after she gave Joey her card
Time for Ella's gift. She made him a card and bought him a toy with her own money.

Time for Cali to steal itTime for Aubrey's gift. She did a card and a gift with her own money too(hooray for dollar spots at the store!)

And once, again Cali steals it.

You little toy thief you! Look at that, shes got both of his gifts in her hands!
And his gift from me(that he picked out:) was a GPS. Ella said, "A thing that has maps and tells you where to go? That doesn't sound very fun to me." I agree Ella, but dads a guy. And guys like that kind of stuff:)Happy Birthday Joey! I hope you enjoyed our little party. We love you!


ACDC2005 said...

That looks like so much fun! I got Dustin a gps for Christmas and he loves it. Perfect gift for the tech savy guy!

Devri said...

looks like he had a blast!

I want a GPS, only cuz I can get lost just going 2 blocks away from my house.. argh!

Marie Rayner said...

Looks like a very happy birthday to me! Todd was given a GPS recently and it's really annoying! If I tell him how to drive, he gets miffed, but he plugs that darn thing in even if he is just going to the post office. I hope the novelty wears off soon!

Jan said...

How fun. I love the look of the cake and that reward is great. So many memories. Enjoy this whole year.

Tara D. said...

Ella says the cutest things. :) And what an awesome partay! I think your cake was very cute!

-Melissa- said...

Looks like Joey had a fun b-day! I love the cake!

Patty said...

It looks like you guys gave Joey a wonderful birthday. Wow, a GPS! Dad has been wanting one of those. I hope he doesn't see this post or I'm sunk!

hoLLy said...

too late mom, he already knows :)

cyndi/mom/nana said...

Cool gifts. Smart girls the gifts are great and you are great shoppers. So no getting lost now anyone. One more gizmo to learn how to use not sure I could do that I'm having way too much fun with the G1, it's a great toy too. Cute decorations and birthday cake. Good job everyone.

jOeY said...

Thanks babe for making my birthday so wonderful! I had a great day.

the duchess said...

H, you lowjacked your husband. Smart.

Me said...

Cute party Holly! Happy Birthday old man!!

Jan said...

This bunch really knows how to party! Hope Joey's BD was wonderful - -sure looks like it was!