Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Calling all Patriots! Book Club This Thursday!

My wise and politically like-minded bloggin bud, Sarah, has decided to put together a Patriot's Book Club! Here is what Sarah had to say when deciding to form the book club(copied and pasted from her blog, Tales from the Duchess). . .

"March 19: So Glenn Beck's special tonight revolved around the fact that we really are the people. That there are more of us than there are of them (politicians and/or government in general). If you feel like common sense is gone and the country's prevailing attitude is so far off base you're not alone. Even after you call your representatives they still don't listen you're not alone. If you think their solutions of "go shopping", "too big to fail", and social engineering are the real problem you're not alone. Glenn reminded us that back on 9/12/01 nobody had to tell us who we are or how to act. We just were. We instinctively knew we had to unite, to extend our hand to our neighbor, and to recommit ourselves to pursuits of real value. It lasted for a short time and now we find ourselves divided, frustrated, and disenfranchised.

Glenn proposed that the 9 Principles and 12 Values are a way to find the solution to today's ills because these are the same principles and values the founding fathers adhered to when crafting the Constitution. He also emphasized that we, the citizens of this great country, must educate ourselves so we can be armed with the wisdom necessary for these troubled times. He suggested we start with The Real George Washington. The final part of this 9/12 Project is for us to take the next 6 months to do our part to make a difference and then reconvene on 9/12/09 to report back.

That got me thinking...what am I going to do about it? The time for lip service is over. I'm going to form a Patriot's Book Club where we read and discuss not only the historical events but the values and principles associated with them as well."
Amen Sarah!!

So, here is the book club list(drumroll please). . .

Common Sense (Paine) 16 Apr @ 7:30pm, Sarah's house (Yes, this Thursday!)
The 5,000 Year Leap (Skousen)
The Forgotten Man (Shlaes)
The Real George Washington (American Classic series)
Liberal Fascism (Goldberg)
Atlas Shrugged (Rand)
Lone Survivor (Luttrell)
The Real Benjamin Franklin (American Classic series)

All are invited who are interested! Leave your email address in my comments if you don't know Sarah and need her address. Or if you are interested in coming with me, let me know and I'll pick you up and we can go together! It'll be fun! Completion of the reading material is not required. I look forward to gathering with friends to discuss the principles in these books, what we can do to protect our rights, save the consitution, and unite for the cause of freedom. Small things can make big differences! I'm excited to be part of this.


Jan said...

Way to go Holly. I totally feel your vibe right now. I am still reading the 5000 year leap. Love love love the history of it all. It is helping me in the cause of keeping America under the freedom it deserves. Go go Mrs. Patriot.

Marie Rayner said...

That's quite a task you have set for yourself, but I am sure you are up to it! I really need to tune in Glen Beck more often.

The Bright Family said...

I want to come!!

Rick said...

Wow.. great idea. Great book list too - Just started Liberal Fascism. Also reading Levin's Liberty and Tyranny -A Conservative Manifesto, an enlightening read. Keep it up.

tiburon said...

ADam is getting us all the books that Glenn suggested and we will be reading them.

He is going to a Tea Party today too. I can't wait to see how it goes!

Me said...

How fun!! Post a short update about the books so we will know if we want to read them or not! How cool!!

Patty said...

The book club sounds like a good idea! I want to read most of them. Maybe this summer I will get a chance to read a little.