Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ella's preschool graduation

Ella is officially a graduate of Little Saints Preschool! We are so proud of you Ella! You did such a wonderful job this year. You are a great friend, an excellent student, fast learner, and have such a sweet little spirit. We couldn't be more proud of you! Here are pictures and video from yesterday's graduation. . .(There is one more video of the kids singing during their program that is giving me problems uploading. I will hopefully be able to upload it later in a separate post. It is just so so cute.)

Ella waiting for her name to be called. . .

Receiving her Preschool Diploma.

Right before the kids started their program. Ella is looking straight at me and looks a little nervosu:) Also,a sidenote, I'm obviously not good with my camera indoors yet. I need to read the manual and/or ask my hubby about it:) Pictures were either blurry or too dim with red eye. Arggg.

Saying goodbye to Ms. Stephanie. She was the perfect teacher for Ella this year. We loved her! Ella is happy knowing that we will still be seeing her though-she lives nearby and her kids go to the same school that Ella will be attending next year. And hopefully her daughter(Ella's age) and Ella will get to have a playdate or two this summer!

Ella and two of her favorite classmates, Jacob & Dax.
Afterwards, we celebrated with lunch at Peter Piper. Here is Ella beaming while holding her tootsie roll prize(only cost 4 tokens:) She HAD to play this crane game and you would've thought she won the lottery when she won this teeny tootsie.

Aw man! Didn't win this one.

Look out! Aubrey's behind the wheel!

And here is Cali freaking out when someone put a token in the car. She didn't like it moving, only still.

Back at home, holding her diploma proudly.

It was a fun afternoon! And yes, Aubrey should've been at school. We bust her out for special occasions. Because we're cool parents:)


Kristi said...

I, for one, think Ella is a dollface. She is so cute at her big ol' graduation and what a fun Grad party at Peter Piper!! That is my kind of girl :)

Jan said...

Yay Ella! And I used to bust my kids out too, whenever I thought they needed it. Love it!

Tara D. said...

I can't believe the school year is already out! Yay Ella!!! :) And Cali's dress is so cute, love it!!!

ACDC2005 said...

You are cool parents (lucky for Aubrey)! That's funny Cali didn't like the car moving and I love Ella's dress! Too cute! They look like they had a fun time!

Marie Rayner said...

Congrats to Ella!! You Go girl! I love seeing all the fun things you and Joey do with your girls. You are building such wonderful memories for them!!

Suzie said...

What lucky girls you have. I am continually so inspired by the way you parent your children.
You are wonderful.
Way to go, Ella! It's all...uphill from here!

mamapickle said...

you are cool parents. Phoebe asked me if I woudl get her so she could see the program, but I said no. If Scott could have come too them maybe I would have, but I'm enjoying the little time I have left of just Paisley.

tiburon said...

Way to go Ella!

She looks so grown up!

Becca said...

I love busting my kids out of school for special occasions--it's one of my tactics to make me feel like I'm a cool mom!
And way to go Ella!

cyndi/mom/nana said...

Congratulations Ella you are the cutest graduate in your class. Yeah for graduation means summer is around the corner.