Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Part 1:Campout

We decided to venture beyond the living room and test out our new family tent at a nearby camping area this weekend. We had lots of fun doing campy things: chillaxin, relaxin, hot doggin, smorin, firefly catchin, glowstickin, tentin, the works:)

Heres some chillaxin.

And one studly man settin up the tent.

What a beaute.

Hot doggin.

Ella smilin when she sees her hot dog browning.

Cali & her sippy. Can't leave home without it.

Aubrey heard a strange sound(it alarmed me too actually). Joey said it was a frog, but it sounded more like a Yetti to me. Joey ended up being right though.
Ella was a great tent setter upper. She is so happy when she is helping(just like the song:)

Time for the flames to begin. Joey is quite the outdoorsy dude-I'm glad he was a Boy Scout. He knows a ton of stuff I don't when it comes to camping. I used to think Boy Scouts were for losers(sorry I'm just admitting what I thought as a teen). But now I know its the real deal and my future son(s) better be Eagle Scouts! I would totally die in the wilderness if I didn't have my man.

Cali using Aubrey's binoculars. Backwards.
Glow stick fun. See how I wrote "Mom." I'm super talented. Don't be jealous.

Me and the girls on our way back from the nasty restrooms. That was our "hike" for the day:)
All in all, it was a great time. Cali was a real joy in the tent at night-she ran around it laughing and tickling people and rolling around for about 2 hours before finally tuckering out. That was fun:) Needless to say, I took a long nap the next day. . .next time we will bring a pack n play so she is caged. The other kink in the plan was the bathroom situation. We hadn't really thought about having the kids use the restroom before going to bed. We were having so much fun with everything that when the tent was set up the kids all ran inside and got in their sleeping bags ready to sleep under the stars. We turned out the lights and then all of the sudden someone said they had to pee. Oopsie. Forgot about that. So, in the dark, we had to haul everyone up the hill to empty bladders before bed. Good times:) Other than that, it was a perfect little campout. The kids had the best time and kept thanking us over and over the next day for taking them camping. It was a memory to treasure.


tiburon said...

Looks like so much fun!

We need to do some of this camping you speak of.

Becca said...

LOVE the glow sticks! Not such a big fan of the camping stuff though!

Jan said...

Fun times! I love that you do this kind of stuff with your family.

Pedaling said...

camping is a lot of work-
but the kids do love it.

jOeY said...

It was a ton of work but a ton of fun too! I love to camp and i'm glad that the kids are sort of old enough to do it now.

Tonya said...

How... Fun, it was a great weekend for a camp out. I love the pictures. That new camera is a keeper.

hoLLy said...

thanks tonya-i was actually using joey's camera:) my battery was charging.

Marie Rayner said...

What fun! It looks like you all enjoyed yourselves. I just love seeing and reading about all the wonderful things you get up to as a family! Cali's hair sure is getting longer!

Suzie said...

camping is the best. so much work, but worth it.
(and the only time I wish I was a boy. for the potty thing) ;)

Jan said...

You always do the best things Holly. I wish I could be your child :) Happy times.

the duchess said...

You are a serious trooper. Summer camping in TX is not fun (in my opinion). I did it for 6 years in YW so I've paid my dues. Samoa's even better...at least there's the ocean. ;o)

cyndi/mom/nana said...

I'm glad to see the camping trip pictures heard about it while we were away. Too cute. I agree I'm glad the guys do all that setting up stuff definitely not my bag. I also love the smell of bacon in the morning when we would cook breakfast the next morning. Great fun for all I especially loved hearing the story of having to go potty that was too funny.