Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Part 3: Ward Breakfast

Our ward(congregation at church) has an annual 5K Fun Run and Breakfast each Memorial Day. It is such a fun tradition. While we didn't do the Fun Run this year, we definitely enjoyed the yummy pancake breakfast, playtime, and socializing with friends in the ward. We had a flag ceremony and one of the county/city judges who is in our ward spoke to us about freedom and his experiences flying fighter jets and in going to war. It was a great speech and very thought provoking. I am so grateful to be an American and for those who have fought and those who are still fighting for our freedom. I'm grateful we have this holiday to reflect on the sacrifices others have made for us. We too often forget. Thank you to all of our veterans and current military men and women!
Presenting. . .the fam. Thanks Jennie for taking this picture for us.
The man catching a football with style.
Cali blowing some bubbles. She is at that fun "bubbles!" age. She can't get enough.
Aubrey kicking around a soccer ball with a friend. She was kicking it with one of the older girls and felt quite cool:)

You can't see it, but Aubrey is behind Cali following her up the playscape. She kept a good eye on her. She is such a great big sis.
And Ella fell off the monkey bars:( Not too happy.
But I managed to get at least one smile:) And no, I didn't take these picture immediately after her fall. I'm not that mean! We gave her lots of hugs and kisses,
and then I tried to make her laugh for a picture. It worked and she was off playing again in no time.
It was a wonderful morning full of food, fun & friends. Thanks to those that helped put it together!
And thats the end of my Memorial Day weekend posts. Phew! :) It was a fun-filled family weekend. Hope y'all enjoyed yours too.


The Bright Family said...

really . . . how much can YOU fit into a weekend?!?!

Tonya said...

You had a great weekend.... Our ward activities leader didn't do Memorial Day this year. She needs to be released or is really old...

Oops ohhh wait that would be me!....

Now I have guilt..they could still release me though....LOL What a fun weekend.

Tara D. said...

I'm glad Ella was able to keep on goin' after the fall. That's why I never liked those monkey bars, I could never hold onto them. :) Aubrey is such little momma, too. So sweet!

Becca said...

What a fun tradition for your ward.

cyndi/mom/nana said...

That's awesome how you celebrated Memorial Day. I especially love the patriotism displayed not only by your Ward but the speaker and your great color coordination in clothing. Gorgeous pictures.