Friday, May 01, 2009

Spring photos

My friend Sheila over at Pedaling Fast & Trying to Keep Up challenged herself and other bloggers to a Spring photo project. We were all supposed to take Spring photos and post them today, May 1st. First of all, you HAVE to go to her blog and check out hers because they are just GORGEOUS! She is a very talented photographer. Below are some of the photos I've taken that say "Spring" to me. . .all of these were taken while our family was recently planting flowers and gardening(which is my favorite part of Spring time!)
Our pretty little flowers out front.
Getting ready to plant some veggies!
Our strawberry plants from last year are still going strong. Here is one of our first strawberries to grow this Spring. He is a cutie.
Onion bulbs waiting patiently to be planted.
Cali making a wish on a dandelion.
And last but not least, a definite Spring favorite is: the kids can play outside again! Back to parks, jumpropes & riding bikes-hooray! :)Happy Spring!


Abby said...

I love your Spring pictures. They make me want to go outside and spend the day in the yard with Catalina and Matt. Great job!

Jan said...

Beautiful! I looked in our yard and we now have tomato plants going crazy - big tomatoes and now I just need to wait till they turn red. Gotta love spring!

Jan said...

Sweet. So cute. I love the barrel with the flowers. So country looking and like a meadow. Cute strawberries and love it all.

Tara D. said...

Yay, back to being outdoors (except for today, of course). It sure is nasty outside right now- thundering like crazy as I type this even.

cyndi/mom/nana said...

Yeah for spring. May Day is also Lei Day in Hawaii.

Pedaling said...

where is the comment i left here yesterday?
why does this happen?
i think i post a comment and then i didn't really. does that ever happen to you?

anyway, what i thought i said was how much i love these pictures and how glad i am that you played along and are always such a wonderful support and inspiration.
i love watching the joy in mothering and in being a wife.

you are a sweetie.

Amanda said...

I'm so impressed with your gardening skills. I would have never guessed! We too love spring so we can get outside again.