Friday, July 03, 2009

Posts of Note

Two bold and wonderful women have shared on their blogs their current feelings on the issues our nation is facing right now. I want it known that I stand behind what they say and that I agree 100%. To know what I'm talkin bout, click here. Jan says everything I want to say, only she did it better than I would have:) People: WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT CAP AND TRADE! AND ABSOLUTELY NO UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE!!! IT WILL DESTROY THIS GREAT NATION!
Click here for more insightful reading on Pedaling's blog. And be sure to read the comments on that post as well. There is one regarding health care in another country that caught my eye. Quite scary really.
Thanks Jan & Pedaling for saying it like it is! I admire you both more than you know. I always follow these ladies blogs and I'm always saying "Amen!" :) I hope people realize how serious these two bills are and take action against them. TODAY. Go to to find out how.

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Patty said...

Both of these bills are economy killers!! I've visited both of these blogs and agree with them totally. We all need to wake up and take a stand against these bills. It was said by one of our founding fathers (can't remember which one right now)that: "The Government that has power to give you everything also has the power to take everything. We have got to stop this massive power grab by our government before it is too late.