Friday, July 10, 2009

Swimming Lessons: Check

We did it! We are done with our 2 week swim lessons session. All 3 girls took a class this summer and learned soooo much. I highly recommend putting your kids in lessons every summer. Each year they improve a TON. My girls, especially Aubrey, refused to put their faces in and were so afraid of water for years. I put them in lessons and immediately I saw improvements. They were willing to do things for their teachers and around their peers that I couldn't get them to. It was wonderful to watch them overcome fears and learn new things!

So, Aubrey has just about perfected her rotary breathing and is doing her elementary backstroke really well now. Ella went from doggy paddling and kinda swimming to full-on swimming, even on her back! And Cali will put her face in the water(sometimes! :) I am proud of each one of them! Here are pics Joey took on their last day,which was July 3, so he had the day off and was able to watch and take pics for me. Thanks babe!

Aubrey doing the backstroke

Hey Dad!
Her classFloating quite nicely

On the last day, Aubrey's class jumped off the diving board into the deep end! Way to go Aub!

Now this sequence of Ella pics is so cute. . .her class had to climb on this alligator guy across the pool.

Almost there!

And here she is swimming away. . .no fear this year! Yea!
Here are Cali and I doing the Mom & Me class. She honestly hated it half the time, but oh well, we tried. I had to have something to do with her while the other two were doing lessons! At first, she cried during class and didn't want the instructors to talk to her much less look at her. But by the end, she enjoyed it much more(thank goodness). And she did really good at blowing her little bubbles and eventually sticking part of her face in.

My awesome friend, Jennie, and her son, Benny(hey, that rhymes!) took the class too. It was fun to have someone I know there to chat it up with.

Blow those bubbles Cali girl!

Receiving her certificate and animal crackers. That made her so happy!
We survived. Now we are back to those wonderful lazy no-structure days. Life is good:)


Tonya said...

That is so great... I think it is time for a sunscreen bonding day. We would love for you all to come over and show off all the new swimming skills.

I love the photos. Where do you take lessons? The classes to seem so large.

Cynthia said...

Congratulations Aubrey, Ella and Cali. I'm glad you are learning how to swim the right way. We didn't do lessons so we really don't swim the right way. Glad that you are able to enjoy the pool more as well.

Tara D. said...

Way to go girls! I'm so proud of them, all three. Cali is becoming such a big girl, just like her older sisters. :)

Becca said...

Every summer I swear I'm going to sign the kids up for lessons, and every summer I bail on it. My kids know how to swim, they just do it without any technique and I think it would be good for them to have a few more skills. Your girls look great in the pool and it looks like they are learning lots. And believe it or not, I totally miss the scheduled/structured days of fall! (Call me crazy!)