Friday, August 14, 2009

Birthday wishes, old and new

I have been slacking in the blog birthday wish department this past month! We were traveling a lot so I wasn't able to blog many important special days. So, I need to catchup. . .
First, I need to wish my little brother, Taylor, a Happy 15th Birthday today. Hope its fun Taylor boy! I'm sad we can't be there to celebrate with you-I hate that we live so far now:( Love you!
Then I need to wish my adorable nephews, Elliot(July 18) and Kaikoa(August 11) belated happy birthdays. Wish we could've been there to celebrate with you both! We miss and love you!
And then there is my sister, Tara, who hit the big 27 the beginning of this month. Glad we were able to party with you Tara-it was fun! I love you like a sister. . .:)
And then there is my Dad, who hit the big..., well, I won't say:) haha. Love you Dad- Happy Belated Blog Birthday!
And to two dear blogfriends, Lura and Marie, I hope your days were wonderful!


Grammy Staffy said...

Ahh, happy birthday to all your family..... and....thanks for the candles. I didn't get to blow any out this year. I think they all thought 65 was too many to put on a cake during fire season here in CA.....or they thought I was too old to blow them out????

Have a great weekend.
Love, Lura

Marie Rayner said...

Happy Birthday to all your family Holly!! So many Leo's!! Thanks also for your Happy Birthday wishes to me. I had a fabulous day! I am so glad you were my giveaway winner! I can't think of anyone nicer to be able to send it to!!! xxoo

Tara D. said...

Happy Birthday, Taylor! And to me and Dad, and everyone else. :) Someone else's b-day is creeping up quick. I wonder who's it is...