Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hawaiian Falls!

We decided to make this weekend a "fun weekend" with the kids since we hadn't really done anything "big" this summer. We didn't want to go too big, so we stayed nearby and headed over to the local Hawaiian Falls waterpark for an end of summer vacay. We had never been there before and we loved it. All 3 of the kids had fun and we even got in half price(that makes any trip ten times better). We'll definitely try and go every summer now-its only 30 minutes away-yea! Good, cheap, closeby fun.

Can you tell Cali loved it? She was smiling so big.

Aubrey and Ella spent most of their time at this play area. Perfect for their age. Slides of all sizes.
Aubrey taking the plunge. . .
Even Ella did the big slides!

High five for Daddy
Sleeping Beauty. . .Cali fell asleep while Joey held her in the tube down the lazy river. We got many "awwww"s from people:)

Then she woke up later and shared a snack with her Mommy(who put the wrong mascara on that morning and looks like a zombie-I thought it was the waterproof one! Oh well. . .)

She actually went down her first waterslide while we were there. . .go Cali! She did it over and over again. This actual time(on the video below) she doesn't look too happy though. I think water squirted her in the eye at the top, so she wasn't too thrilled.

And here are Aubrey and Ella racing. . .Aubrey won. And Ella was cool with that:)


Jan said...

Tons of fun! And half price and close makes it perfect. Love it!

-Melissa- said...

Looks like you guys had a fun day together. My boys love Hawaiian Falls.

Mindy and Ernie's Clan said...

Hi Holly
That looks like so much fun.
Cali was brave and so was Ella and Aubrey.
I am at grammys house and she helped me put new pichirs on my blog. Come and see.
I hope you will come back and see us soon. Love, Claire

P.S. Love from grammy too

Jan said...

The fun never ends over there girl. Love all the pictures and the prices :)

Tara D. said...

They've all gotten so brave, I don't think I would've done all of those slides and stuff when I was their age. Good job, girls! And Cali looks so cute all asleep in her swimsoup, ;).

Grammy Staffy said...

It looks like you all had so much fun. You got great pictures as usual. I can't believe you girls were so brave...especially little Cali. Your girls are little water bugs.

Claire wanted to visit Aubrey's blog but she couldn't get through to it because she is not on your invited list. I will see if we can do it with my log in...but maybe you could add her to your list.

I send hugs to you all, Lura

Kim said...

Holly, you silly goose, what were you doing wearing makeup at a waterpark?!? :) Don't you know you're beautiful without it, especially with your glow from your cruise. Looks like a very fun day!!!

Tonya said...

What a fun day! I have never taken Callie to Hawaiian Falls. I will have to remember that. That is great you were able to get such great ticket prices.

I was wondering if you are up for Wednesday. Call me.

Becca said...

TOO FUN!!! This was the first year we haven't gotten passes to the local water park and I'll admit that I kind of missed it. But not too much because we got to swim at Grandma's house all summer which was so much more relaxing for me!