Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aubrey's birthday night

Traveling back in time. . .the night of Aubrey's actual birthday was just the five of us. We told Aubrey she could pick wherever she wanted to eat and she picked TGIFriday's. YUM! At the table, Aubrey asked me if she could order her own food-I said sure! I guess I've just always ordered for them and never given her the chance(oopsie). And sure enough, Aubrey ordered and did it perfectly. She looked right at the waitress with confidence and said, "I'd like chicken tenders and a salad with ranch please." I was proud of her:) She seemed so grown up! We had a great meal which ended with Aubrey being asked to stand on a chair while the waiters/waitresses sang her a birthday song. She was such a good sport about it! I think its because she saw the icecream sundae they had waiting for her.

Aubrey and the sundae she EARNED

Mama and her girls

Daddy & Ella

Cali's camera smile

Back at home for cupcakes and presents from Mom & Dad

I wonder what it is. . . .look at Cali. . . you can't see very well from the picture, but she had her eyes so big with excitement for Aubrey.
A Razor scooter!

And helmet!

Aubrey had been wanting a new scooter/helmet because she was outgrowing her old gear. She was really happy with our choices and thrilled as you can see. Its so fun to have kids:) I honestly love buying them stuff more than buying stuff for myself-its just so fun to see their little reactions and to create these memories for them. Happy Birthday Aub! We love you!


Tonya said...

I Love Birthdays... Happy Birthday Aubrey~

Marie Rayner said...

Your girls are so sweet Holly! I just love all that you share with us. It looks like Aubrey had the best birthday possible! yayyyy!!

Jan said...

Oh, that girl. Can't believe she's 8 now -- looks like a wonderful BD!!

Tara D. said...

How exciting- a new scooter! Whoo hoo!!! :)
"Happy happy birthday, from Tara out to you, I wish it was my birthday, so I could party too! HEY!!!" ;


I can't get over how stinkin adorable your girls are - You and Joey aren't too hard on the eyes either!