Friday, September 18, 2009

Good ole Albertsons

Once again, my sister and I spent a night at a grocery store up to no good. . .no good at all. Enjoy these very juvenile/scary/weird/gross/inappropriate pictures. And just know, this is me. This is who I am. Don't hate.

Red Bull REALLY gives you energy. See, I haven't even opened it yet and I'm about to explode.

Tara has bladder control issues. . .

And apparently her bladder isn't the only thing thats causing her problems. . .

Relieving stress with the stress ball. And yes, I can make crazy eye faces. Don't tick me off. They can and will get crazier.

Doing a little dance with the wrapping paper as a cane. This is the dumbest/lamest picture of the night. I win the dumb picture prize! Woot woot!
Tara chose two nice melons for purchase. I don't know why the lady next to us was giving us weird looks. Some people.

I chose two teeny lemons.

Tara chillin' in the freezer. Literally.
You don't want to mess with these two. Believe me, I've tried. The one on the left is especially vicious.

This hurts real bad. I wouldn't recommend it. Unless I don't like you.

This bathroom inspection sheet showed the bathroom hadn't been cleaned since 2 pm the previous day. So, I failed them. And wrote Albertson's a note from the "chief bathroom inspector" telling them they would be immediately reported for "ickiness."
When we were ready to go, I drove home in my car. Tara drove home in one of these. And it was raining outside.

And there you have it. Albertson's can be fun!!(that should be their new slogan, eh?) If you've never seen any of our previous grocery store adventures, click here and here and here. You'll either laugh, cry or shriek in terror. Hopefully a mixture of all 3. After all, that is our goal.
Thanks Tara for a fun night!! I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time. Its fun to act ten years younger than your age sometimes:) Sisters are the best.


Cindy and Ben said...

You 2 are CRAZY!!! Looks like a lot of fun!!!

Marie Rayner said...

lol, you do makeme laugh Holly! I think you are loads of fun. It looks like it runs in the family as well! xxoo

Abby said...

I love when you guys have your late night shopping trips. It makes for some hilarious picture moments. You guys make me laugh when I think of all the fun you are having.

Tara D. said...

Ah, I love our Wal-Mart (and Kroger and Albertsons) runs. They're the best!!! ;)

hoLLy said...

tara-don't you know i disappointed our parents with this post? don't i know it. . .hahaha. i have shamed them.

Tonya said...

Ohh.. you two...I have to get out more. Thanks for the great laugh and adding a smile to my day!

Love ya!

Tara D. said...

Especially with the one with the chocolate mess on the floor, lol. I think deep down inside I was kinda hoping you wouldn't post that one.

hoLLy said...

at first, i didn't. then i changed my mind. . .whahaha.

i can remove it if you wish.

Devri said...

Don't remove it, that one is the best!

I knew I liked you both for a reason! lol lol ha ha



your sad little lemons are still making me laugh - we will definitely have to make a run to the store for some wild and crazy times when you get up here!!!!!!