Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I'm gettin old people

No, I'm not getting old people. I'm getting old. :) I read the title to myself and thought, hmm, it sounds like I'm attacking old people. I wasn't.

So, I hit the big 29 on Monday-woohoo! I had a lovely day, thanks to my hubby and sweet children. Joey took the day off and we went out to lunch and did some shopping(Yes, he shops with me! And doesn't complain! I scored when I married this guy:) That evening, he barbecued delicious steaks and baked me a cake. And he bought me a laptop! I've never had a laptop, so I was thrilled! I didn't take a picture of it, but here is a pic from the web. Suh-weet. An HP DV3 notebook. Thanks Joey! I love you!The girls helped him decorate, made me beautiful cards with sweet pictures and messages, and helped me with laundry and other things around the house that day. They were so excited that it was my birthday and did everything they could to make me happy. It was a wonderful day. I love my family!

Me and my 29 candles(And isn't the cake cute? We always do kid-themed family parties over here, even for Mom & Dad:)
Hey, look, I have a halo! I always knew I had angelic qualities:) Haha. And yes, I blew out all 29 candles in one blow-oh yeah!

Cali quite ecstatic to have one of the Hello Kitty keychains(so she could lick the frosting off)

Ella enjoying her cake & icecream

Miss Aubrey flashing a perdy smile

Joey ready for "pin the bow on hello kitty." We didn't have a blindfold, so we used Cali's blankie. It smelled weird under there.
Ella making a funny face

Cali decided to play her own way. She yanked the blindfold down(like, hello, this is in my way)and put the bow on. She still missed the spot and decided Hello Kitty needed a bow in her eye.
Aubrey laughing at Cali

The results. We all stink. No one even got close.
And there you have it, August 31st, 2009 in a nutshell. More posts coming soon-I have to catch up. I had decided to give myself a blog break as a gift from me to me. Not that I don't love blogging, but you know, its work! Medieval Times pics and girls night/birthday party pics to follow. . .


Cynthia said...

Cute family birthday for mommy Holly. I have to admit when I saw alllllll those candles I was like wow is the next picture going to show your hair on fire it sure looked close whew no fire good. Not sure I could blow out that mannnny candles. Love the pics of the family celebration good job everyone.

Marie Rayner said...

Looks like a wonderful Happy Birthday Holly!! You should get your package soon! It's too bad it couldn't have arrived on the day. XxOO

Jan said...

Happy birthday to you! Looks like lots of love and fun with the fam -- yay!!

becki said...

your family is SO cute to do such nice things for you.

ACDC2005 said...

OH EM GEE Where the H did you get those Hello Kitty things? I am soooo in love with them. I want them for my next party!! Looks like a great day!

Kim said...

Happy Happy Birthday Holly Dear! You deserve an awesome day and your family sure did deliver!

Tara D. said...

Love the cake, so cute! And of course, I loved all of the pictures. The girls make the cutest expressions. And I'm so jealous of your b-day gift, luuckyyy.
And I think that halo suits you. ;)

-Melissa- said...

Looks like you had a fun birthday with your fam. Cute cake!

Amanda said...

Woo-hoo!! Hope you had a great birthday, so sad I missed out on your party. And I saw Blue Bell on your table - I'm so jealous. I LOVE that ice cream.... well, just ice cream in general. :)

Oh, and it's time to change your description to 29 on your side bar!

Pedaling said...

you are not old....even when you are old, i can tell you're the kind that will never look it!

happy birthday.

on the LAPTOP!


Me said...

Love the pictures!! Happy belated birthday!!! I love the cake & game! What fun!!