Thursday, October 08, 2009

Always my bestie

I just went on a little tripsy to visit my very best friend Laura in Southern Utah. I always have the BEST time when I'm with her. We have been best friends since the 6th grade. We go waaaaay back I tell ya. She is the only person besides my sister that can make me laugh so hard I cry, almost pee my pants, and then get a headache afterwards. Interesting combo, but anyways, she is hilarious. And someone I can totally be myself around(which is a scary thing, believe me:). I love her so much and I hate that we have so many miles separating us-it makes me sad. But at least we both have kickbutt husbands that make it possible for us to see each other if not every year, then every other year at least. Anyways, thanks Laura, Peter & family for having me and thank you Joey for taking care of the girls while I was gone(and taking AWESOME care of them I might add). I had a wonderful time! I'm already suffering from Laura withdrawals. . .

The first thing we did was eat at a mega buffet in Vegas. We went to Les Village at the Paris Hotel & Casino. I walked out of that place 5 lbs heavier that evening. . .it was super yumm.

This was my dessert plate. Need I say more. How could I not eat it all?

Then we went home and I got to play with these little cuties. Here is Brig, all boy, all two year old :)

Here is beautiful and spunky Miss Savannah. She told me she loved me right off the bat. Probably because I brought her a toy. Toys=love:)

And I got to meet sweet little Zake(I miss holding that little guy already-he is such a cuddly boy!) Oh yeah, and theres Peter in the background! Thanks Peter for enduring my visit-haha:)

I was able to see Laura's mom, Barbara, while I was there too. I love you Barbara-thanks for making the trip over to see me and help with the kiddos! I miss you!

We spent a lot of time outside in the front riding Plasma Cars, and no, I'm not just talking about the kids. Laura and I got in on the plasma car action as well. . .

I look creepy here. Like the old senile firefighter character Jim Carrey played on Mad TV. Yikes.
One afternoon, Laura and the kids took me to Cafe Rio(I was a Cafe Rio virgin, can you believe?)

I'd been hearing all about this chicken salad of theirs and had to try it. Verdict=pretty dang good.

Brig enjoyed his beans and boogers:)

And I enjoyed my food a little too much. Oopsie. I sometimes don't know my own strength.

We also tried out a new self-serve frozen yogurt place in St. George called Krave. I thought it was a really cool concept and DELICIOUS frozen yogurt. We loved it. If you are in the area, check it out(there now, will the Krave people pay me for that advertisement I wonder? :)

Pics of me lovin on my adopted niece and nephews(I love them like they are!)

Savannah did my hair all perdy. I love how she is taking a picture of me in the background while I take a picture of myself:) And yes, I look partially insane. I was low on sleep and had a miserable cold. Hence, the look of pure and delightful insanity.

Me and cutie patootie Zakers.
Brig wasn't really feelin the love here. Oh well:) I know you love me Briggers! Theres no denying it!

More pics tomorrow! And when I say more, I mean the CRAZY pics, yes, I mean, The Late Night Wal-Mart pics. I know, you are so excited.



I am sooooooooooooo excited to be the first to comment on this post! I too had a wonderful time during your visit and the kids love their Auntie Holly! Thanks again for making a special trip out here and making me laugh like no one else can! When you are your true self around me, I get to be the ( I'll be it weird, disgusting and inappropriate) girl I truly am! Miss you already and am looking forward to visiting soon! Hopefully June to see Wicked BABY!!!

Marie Rayner said...

It looks like you had a totally great time with your bf!! Everyone should be able to spend time like that with their Bestie! I got to do that with Lura in Idaho last year. It was just the most wonderful time! xxoo

Giles Family said...

Holly, what a lucky girl you are! I have been to that same buffet but we did the breakfast thing... it was just as awesome! And Cafe Rio? Just ask Kim... we love that place!!! It's always so fun to read your blog!

ACDC2005 said...

OMG I can't believe you have this song on your page because I was gonna put Spice Girls on my page! LOL. Anyway, what are plasma cars? I think I'll google it...The dessert at the buffet looks awesome. I've never eaten at that one before, but it looks yummy. Also, I LOVE that grey shirt in the last pictures! So cute! Looks like a fun time!

-Melissa- said...

Sounds like you had a fun trip. It is always fun visiting friends. Now I want some cafe rio. :)

Me said...

I am so glad that you & Laura are still BFF's!! It is wonderful to see you two stay connected! Keep on enjoying your friendship! Also, it is so wonderful to see Laura's kids! They are cute!

Tara D. said...

LOVE all of the pictures, you do look a little insane in a couple of them, too. Just sayin...
Laura's kids are just too cute! Love Brig's face in that last photo, lol. He looks thrilled to be next to you. And yum, that food, I bet you did eat all that was on your dessert plate, no doubt about it! :) I'm glad you got an opportunity to get out for a while and hang with your bestie.

Katie said...

Cafe Rio, Las Vegas Buffet, BFF, what could be better. So glad you had so much fun and didn't get sick!

tiburon said...

Looks like a great trip! I am so glad you finally got to experience the Rio!

I was only 5 hours away...I could have driven down!